5 Kid Poses for Photography And How To Make It Looks Great

kid poses for photography

Cute, innocent, and funny is the best way to describe the experience when doing a photoshoot with kids as the model. But, it also can be tricky cause kids are kids. One time, they will enjoy posing in front of the camera; next time, they don’t feel like it. It will take time and energy, and it is never easy. But, if you want to make them pose, then this kid poses for photography can help you create great pictures.

5 Kid Poses for Photography You Can Try

Kid models can be fun to work with; their behavior can bring a fun atmosphere for the photoshoot. For babies, giving them direction will be an impossible task. But, if you are working with kids in the toddler stage, you can try to provide some guidance for the pose. Below are some poses you can try to create a great picture.

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1. Hands-on Face

Do you need a pose that can bring out cuteness from the kids? Have them touch their cheeks or chin to bring such a cute and innocent smile from them.  This super sweet pose works great for the girl and the little boy. 

2. Have Them Sit

Just by sitting, kids can create an excellent pose for the picture. You just need to tell them to sit down. Make sure to position their legs if they’ll let you to its most flattering position. You can play with some props to add more detail and a new element for the image. Find a big rock, steps, cute stool, chair, or just right down on the ground.

3. Look at The Camera

This pose works well when taking a portrait image. Being simple is also an excellent option for a kid pose. Get down to their eye level, and you will get this flattering angle.

4. Hands In The Pockets

One of the things that kids struggle with when posing is their hand position. It can be awkward for them when they don’t know what to do. An easy solution for that is to put the hand in the pockets. You can have them put the whole hand in or just the thumbs. Both ways can make their pose look cute. 

5. Crossed Arms

Another way to avoid awkward hand positions is by asking them to cross their hand. Create a variation by asking them to stand straight or lean into something. Give another direction like giving a cute or tough-guy smile. It’s a cool and cute pose that can work well with boys or girls.

Doing a photoshoot with kids as the subject is a tricky and fun experience. You need to watch out for many things so as not to ruin the kid’s mood. If you can do that, then expect some cute and great pictures. If you need any help with the editing process, contact Dropicts now, and we will help with any editing request to make the best photos for you.

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