7 Application Recommendations to Add Text to Photo Free

7 Application Recommendations to Add Text to Photo Free

Do you know that there are a lot of applications that allow you to add text to photo for free? If you need some application to make a quote of the day picture or just to simply add a watermark, you can try these applications below!


Application That Can be Used to Add Text to Photo Free

In this article, we prepare you 7 application recommendations that can be easily used and for sure, it’s free! Check these applications below:


1. Paint

Who doesn’t know what is Paint? For some people, Paint may be the first application they tried once they learn about computers. We can draw, colouring, and even add text to picture. This is the very basic application you can find on computers, especially for Windows OS. You can go to the Windows search bar and type Paint. Every Windows computer has Paint already installed on it. 


2. Adobe Photoshop

Do you want a little more challenge? Welcome to Adobe Family. One of their application that can be easily used to add text to picture is Adobe Photoshop. This application actually isn’t free but you can try the free trial for some period of time. There are also a lot of tools you can use here if you need some little edit or just a simple retouch on your picture.

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3. PicsArt

Now, it’s time to present the mobile application recommendation. Almost everyone knows what is PicsArt, right? This is the most popular photo-editing application. If you want to upload the picture to your social media, you can just use PicsArt to add the text before you upload it. There are a lot of editing tools available also some filters you might want to try.


4. Visual Watermark

You don’t want to install any application or software on your device? Don’t worry, you can try the website photo editing: Visual Watermark. You can just add a picture and text you want to add. After that, the website will proceed with the result for you and you can adjust the position of the text as you wish.


5. Instagram Stories

Another application you must be familiar with is Instagram! You can use Instagram stories to add text and it’s much simpler rather than you use another application to add text. But, of course, Instagram doesn’t have a lot of font-variant, unlike any other application. If you want to train your finger writing style, Instagram Stories can be the best platform for you to do it.

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6. Snipping Tools

Snipping tools, not just an application you can use to screenshot your screen. You can also add some text to your screenshot. It’s really useful if you want to add some notes to your screenshots such as for work or study. 


7. Photos App for Windows or macOS

The last application we recommend for you is the free Photos App for Windows or macOS. Every computer or any device nowadays has photo editing software installed already. You can just maximize its feature to add text. 

Those application recommendations to add text to photo free above can be used for any purpose. But, if you want to make some text photo for branding purpose or infographic, you can let Dropicts make your text photo looks great and better. Also, with better editing, you can attract more people. Reach us now if you want to know more about our services for branding design.

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