Sun Flare Photography: 6 Tips for Beginners

sun flare photography

As a beginner in photography, you need to learn a lot of skills and one of the most difficult skills to master is sun flare photography. To learn this skill, you need to master the basic techniques in photography and also how to be creative with the art of photography.

Through this article, Dropicts will give you some tips on how to do sun flare photography. After you read the whole information below, all you need to do is practice the technique as often as you can and become the master in sun flare photography.

How To Capture Sun Flares Photos Correctly?

Creating sun flare or lens flare effect can be difficult for some beginner. It requires you to manipulate the bright light source that is the sun to create that effect. To help you photograph sun flares, here are some tips that can help you to do it better.

1. Adjust The Angle

Angle is everything in the photography field, especially sun flare photography. You need to find the angle where you can find the good flare. Usually, people always aim at the sun flare from a low angle and put the sun flare on the middle-top or middle-right of the frame. You can also put the sun out of frame to get nice soft flares effect. Whatever angle you choose, make sure that the light gets into your camera lens.

2. Find an Object to Cover The Sun

To get the sun flare picture, sometimes you need to find an object to cover the sun. This object can be anything from trees, the wall, reflectors, or even a model. You can also use specific equipment such as lens hood to help you block the sun.

If you want to take a picture with a model, you can make the ISO a bit low to make a shadow effect when the sun is radiating behind the model. It can be the most aesthetically pleasing picture you have ever taken.

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3. Try The Different Set of Aperture

Be creative in your aperture. The different sets of the aperture can give different results of the sun flare. When you set the aperture too low, the flare can be smaller than if you set it a bit higher. The higher your aperture, the bigger the flare you can get. That’s why it needs some creativity to find the right sun flare and the perfect vibes in your picture.

4. Use a Camera Filter

There are some camera filters that you can use in this type of photography. You can try the polarizing filter which can add more saturation and the result will keep changing if you rotate the filter.

Another filter we recommend is the graduated neutral density filter. This filter can give you a darker effect on the top where the sun flare is and give more light to the bottom part. With this filter, you can control the amount of sun flare to prevent decolorization that can darken the mood in your picture.

It is also important to have a UV filter when shooting sun flares. UV filter can help you protect your camera’s sensor from getting damaged by bright light.

5. Bring Your Tripod

The last tip for this sun flare photography is you need to bring your tripod to prevent camera shake. As we have said before, the higher aperture can give you more flare but on the other side, you will face the problem where you need to hold the camera for some moment. That’s why you need to use the tripod to keep the camera steady.

6. Adjust Your Shutter Speed

When photographing sun flares, you need to pay extra attention to your camera’s shutter speed. If your final image is to dark, increase the shutter speed and vice versa. To do it better, make sure you bring a tripod since if you are taking sun flare photos with long shutter release, you need to make sure that your hands are stable.

Those are the sun flare photography tips that you can try. Photographing sun flares is a challenge in itself. You have to be adept at manipulating the most powerful source of bright light, the sun, to get a a nice sun flare photo. Make sure you have the right technique and equipment before you start doing sun flare photography.

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