Professional Photography Equipment for Beginners!

Professional Photography Equipment for Beginners! | Dropicts

Do you want to start a product photography business? Does professional photography equipment the one thing that came to your mind? Professional photography equipment sounds really cool, but maybe it can be very expensive. Think twice. Do we really need professional gears if the use of each lighting sold in the market and tailored to your needs we want to start  a product photography business? We don’t think so. 

Before you spend a penny on professional photography equipment, you have to make sure that you really understand the professional techniques of photography. You know product photography lighting, you really know how to handle each product category (i.e: fashion and apparel, jewelry, etc). And for sure, you need to make sure that you have enough clients if you’re serious about photography business and want to earn your livelihood through through  your gears photography. Then, you’re ready to go with professional photography equipment. It’s not only about style, but it’s about passion for photography. How you can create stunning images 

But in this article, we want to help you to start photography. Whether as a hobby, or as a profession. Here we go:


Photography Gear That You Need

1. Choosing the right camera

Choosing the right camera - Professional Photography Equipment

Nowadays, there are so many choices of camera in the market for you. What kind of camera do you need? Every camera has so many specs and features that it’s hard to tell them apart. You need to know your need first. Whether it’s for a street photography, event photography, or landscape photography?

Maybe you can start with the Nikon D3500. The claim said that the battery life can shoot up to 1,550 photos with the excellent image quality from it’s 24MP sensor alongside with the Nikon 18-200mm, best All in-one Zoom Lens. Don’t forget to buy the additional battery (if you want to take a lot of photos and don’t want to wait a sec) and your memory card. Then you are good to go!

For alternative, full-frame camera offers better high-sinus performance which increases image quality under poor light conditions. Canon shooters will have no problem with the Canon 6D Mark 2 or the Canon 5D Mark 2. The Nikon D850 is the perfect camera for landscape portrait photography who require the highest-quality images.

For a backup system, you need something reliable when the needs arise. You can op for a budget option like the Nikon D610 or the Nikon 7D Mark II or D500. It’s possible even buy a good camera with cropping a sensor.


2. Lighting

Lighting for Professional Photography Equipment

It’s important that you understand how light works and have fundamental knowledge of the principles of light so that you can benefit from and use it when you’re creating your images. You have to know the character of each lighting that is calling you in the market. Also, pick it wisely! Bought a lighting kit that really fulfils your photography needs.

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3. Pick the best Tripod for you

Professionl Photography Equipment - Tripod

We know that some DSLR cameras are quite heavy. Maybe you can choose an aluminium lightweight tripod that can hold a heavy camera. Then your photo shoot process won’t be bothered with your heavy equipment.


4. Camera straps

Camera strap provides an easy ways to carry your camera while keeping your camera in place without needing to hold the whole camera. There’s million of product to choose from and they’re usually cheap so you can buy a large number to compliment your looks. Of course there are those that are relatively costly, like those for professionals who want much more than some simple fashion design.


5. Remote shutter release

A camera shutter pull is an important piece of professional photography hardware for photographers frequently using a tripod. Using that feature you can turn the shutter off at a distance and reduce the camera vibration that happens during the pressing of the shutter.


6. Flash

Flashes enable you to shoot in low light conditions even during events. This is particularly useful on clear and sunny days when the rising sun has unpleasant shadows on your subject. Photo flash is important for professional shooters in portrait photographers such as wedding and other occasions.


7. Lens Filters

Lens filter is like lens glasses on camera. Filters improve picture quality with use. They protect the lens from possible damage.


8. Camera Bag/Backpack

Professional photographers need something to move their equipment quickly and effectively. Backpacks are simple to carry and contain many pieces of gear. Camera bags are more comfortable to carry for a less elaborate photo or a walk-around event.


9. Lenses

Lens size varies according to photographers’ style. The prime lens is the best method primarily because of the incredible image quality they offer. There are some powerful zoom lenses out there that event photographers and portrait photographers will enjoy. For professional portrait photographer the Canon 16-50mm f/2.8L III or the Nikon 17-25mm f/1.8D are both wonderful devices. Professional bird photographers use the Canon 500mm SLR or Nikon 500mm f/4.5E VR lenses. For street photographers buy Canon 50 mm f.2l or Nikon 50 mm.


10. Walk-around lens

The walking-around lens can cover anything from wide-angle to telephoto so one lens will help to take portrait portraits landscapes architectures and other events. Your camera has the ability to shoot whatever comes your way. If you have just begun in photography a walk-around lens is ideal for the determination to discover what photography you are interested in. After a while of taking different pictures you’ll know what are your strengths and in what kinds of speciality lens you should invest.


11. Specialty Lenses

These lenses are fun to experiment with and can give you some really creative results. Specialty lenses include, but not limited to, tilt shift lens, macro lens, ultra wide angle lens, fisheye lens, soft focus lens, and specialize bokeh lens.

Let us take a look at tilt shift lens for example. Tilt shift lenses allow you to rotate a lens’ rotation by shifting it. This is also one great lens to check in used market. Try acquiring these lenses before buying them; you might find it fun for a weekend but they’re probably not the type of lens that you use as often as your other zoom and prime lenses.


12. External hard drives

As a professional photographer your pictures are very important. If you lose your images, you lose your work. Because of this reason, you must definitely have a backup of the pictures on the computer. Backup computers are vital equipment for photographing and thus they should be stored separately.


13. Memory Cards (lots of them!)

SD is small and thus can be carried far more quickly and evenly than card slots. CF cards are also required for camera and they come in both SD and CF card formats. There’s not an overall quality difference between these two types of cards except on the size. SD cards are very small and easy to store.


14. Camera Lens Cleaning Kits

Maintaining streak-free lens is an easy task. Most lens smudges can be easily removed by breathing on the rim and wiping it clean with microfibre cloth. A good lens cleanser can be invaluable to keeping the lens and camera sensor clean with high definition and perfect images. Remember to keep the sensor in view when you change lenses. To reduce the chance of stolen data from the camera into your memory card is a good idea to regularly cleanse the data contacts of the card contacts with a memory card recovery kit.


15. Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape may be used to tap wire securely along floors, quick repairs of equipment, securing cases for transportation and many more use cases. Available in large sizes (3″, 2″, 1″ and “) and colours (black, white gray, red, yellow, blue fluorescent green fluorescence orange fluorescent blue fluorescent yellow. The products are available through our partner. In addition to gaffer tape you’d also need a few rolls of permacel/shurtape fibre path gaffer tape in your kit.


16. Polarizing filter

Polarizing filters are commonly used to increase the contrast between the clouds and the sky. Often dark or very light skies increase colour saturation. Polarisers come with secondary rotating mounts you manually use to change the effect. If you have large lenses in the wide field, use filters to avoid fading the polarized part as it can irritability your images. When they are used on surface water they remove glare and reflections from water surface.


17. ND Filter

ND filters are gray-toned filters allowing less light into lenses. It reduces the shutter speed, increasing the exposure and increasing exposure. This type of filter is intended not to stick out of the camera always in case of a bad photo. ND filter is perfect to capture the clean and smooth stream of water or show movement in any busy street. ND filters are used to give those silky waterfalls or show a movement at busy areas.


18. UV filter

Ultraviolet filters sometimes known as Haze filters can be expensive basic filters. They are clear filters which has a coating on the glass that blocks UV light waves to reduce haziness. It is most important to cover the front of your lens against dirt, dust and rainwater. When you buy a UV lens, make sure that it has an excellent quality with a different, resistant surface.


19. Spare batteries

Running out of battery power isn’t good for shooting so you always need one extra battery for the camera.


20. Photo Editing Software

In today’s digital world, not all equipment is physical. For example, a software to edit your photos. Post processing is important to digital photography. Adobe Lightroom bundled with Photoshop is an excellent product with everything you need for your editing needs. With the right technique, you can turn photos that are sub-par or average into amazing photos!

Those are some of the professional photography equipment you need. The world of photography is known to have many tools. So, make sure you also spend some time getting to know these tools of professional photography equipment for beginners and learning to use them well

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