Professional Photography Equipment for Beginners!

Professional Photography Equipment for Beginners! | Dropicts

Do you want to start a product photography business? Does professional photography equipment the one thing that came to your mind? Professional photography equipment sounds really cool, but maybe it can be very expensive. Think twice. Do we really need professional gears if the use of each lighting sold in the market and tailored to your needs we want to start  a product photography business? We don’t think so. 

Before you spend a penny on professional photography equipment, you have to make sure that you really understand the professional techniques of photography. You know product photography lighting, you really know how to handle each product category (i.e: fashion and apparel, jewelry, etc). And for sure, you need to make sure that you have enough clients if you’re serious about photography business and want to earn your livelihood through through  your gears photography. Then, you’re ready to go with professional photography equipment. It’s not only about style, but it’s about passion for photography. How you can create stunning images 

But in this article, we want to help you to start photography. Whether as a hobby, or as a profession. Here we go:


1. Choosing the right camera

Choosing the right camera - Professional Photography Equipment

Nowadays, there are so many choices of camera in the market for you. What kind of camera do you need? Every camera has so many specs and features that it’s hard to tell them apart. You need to know your need first. Whether it’s for a studio photography, or outdoor photography? 

Maybe you can start with the Nikon D3500. The claim said that the battery life can shoot up to 1,550 photos with the excellent image quality from it’s 24MP sensor alongside with the Nikon 18-200mm, best All in-one Zoom Lens. Don’t forget to buy the additional battery (if you want to take a lot of photos and don’t want to wait a sec) and your memory card. Then you are good to go!


2. Lighting

Lighting for Professional Photography Equipment

It’s important that you understand how light works and have fundamental knowledge of the principles of light so that you can benefit from and use it when you’re creating your images. You have to know the character of each lighting that is calling you in the market. Also, pick it wisely! Bought a lighting kit that really fulfills your photography needs.

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3. Pick the best Tripod for you

Professionl Photography Equipment - Tripod

We know that some DSLR cameras are quite heavy. Maybe you can choose an aluminium lightweight tripod that can hold a heavy camera. Then your photoshoot process won’t be bothered with your heavy equipment.

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