5 Newborn Photography Tips for Beginner

newborn photography

You need to know some newborn photography tips, especially if you are a beginner in this field. Capturing the baby photos requires you some skills and patience. Blitz is not allowed. Sometimes the baby can wake up or cry during the photoshoot (it happened a lot!). To be able to capture some great pictures, or maybe if you are lucky you can get some cute baby poses, you need some tips. Throughout the article, you may find some tips you may try during the baby photoshoot, whether you are a photographer or maybe you are the newborn’s parents that want to make some memories during their newborn moment.


Newborn Photography Tips You Need to Know

You might be confused and don’t know what you should do to get some perfect newborn pictures. So, we prepared some tips for you. At least we get 5 tips that will help you to do a newborn photoshoot. Check these tips out!


1. Find the Perfect Timing

Usually, a newborn photoshoot session is taken when the baby is between 6 to 15 days old. During this time, babies sleep longer and it gives you a better chance to do the photoshoot. Even better, you can try to fit in after they get a new diaper to get them to feel more comfortable. 

As a side note, you don’t have to do the photoshoot in just one day. You may want to finish everything in one day. But, the baby needs some rest too even if they are sleeping during the photoshoot. Also, you have to consider the preparation time such as decorations, baby wrapping, and anything else because it already takes too long.


2. Prepare Your Lighting Equipment

As we said earlier, no blitz. Blitz surely is not safe for the baby. Then, how can you get good light for the photoshoot? You can try to use the natural light which is the sun! It can give the natural look to the pictures. If it’s impossible to do it, then you can find some lighting equipment such as reflection and the softbox, but do not light the baby directly!


3. Baby’s Safety Comes First!

During the photoshoot, you need to focus on the baby’s safety first. Don’t leave the baby alone with some photoshoot prop. Also, be careful when you try to pose the baby. Check everything twice such as a backdrop to make sure they won’t fall anytime that can make some accident at the spot. 


4. Try Different Angles to Get The Perfect Picture

When the baby wakes up or even moves, you can prepare yourself with new different angles. Come up with a new idea right away! You can try to have fun and explore your photography skill with the newborn. Rather than rush to change the setup because of that kind of situation, you can just adapt to the new situation and for the bonus, there can be some good candid pictures!

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5. Capture Their Tiny Details

You don’t always have to capture the whole body of the baby. Do you know what is the most interesting part of the newborn? Their tiny hand, feet, nose, ear, eye, and even mouth. Try to capture their tiny body parts and you can get satisfaction from the result.

Those are 5 newborn photography tips you can try as a beginner. If you need a professional service to do image editing for your newborn pictures, Dropicst can help you anytime we are needed. We will gladly accept any request from our customers! Contact us now to find out more about the services you may need.

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