Dropicts Guide to Editing E-commerce Product Images

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In the current digital era, people prefer to shop online through E-commerce. If you are an online store owner, you should be aware of several ways to make your products attract the attention of buyers. Implementing product image editing is the best way to gain more customers to make purchases at your online store.

An attractive product image can build a connection with customers and convince them to buy products from your online store. Beside using photo editing services, you can also do E-commerce product image editing on your own.

However, doing photo product editing is not as easy as one might think. There are several ways that you should do to maximize your photo image editing. To make it easier for you, this post compiles ten ways to do product image editing in a good and proper way.

Guide to Product Image Editing for Best Result

Below are ten ways that you can learn to make your product image editing optimally.

1. Make an In-Depth Plan

Every project should always start with a thorough plan, same goes for product image editing. By having a detailed and in-depth plan, it will lead you to be on the right path in editing.

The first step is determining what kind of images you need for your e-commerce. For example, if you are selling food online, then you need to make sure the images show the deliciousness of the food you are selling.

On the other hand, if you have an e-commerce store that sells clothes, then you need the kind of images that make your clothes products look good when people wear them.

In addition to determining the type of image, understanding what your audience is and what they expect when they see your image is something you need to consider as well. With this, you can get the type of image that attracts the attention of buyers.

2. Remove Background

Removing the background is an important step before you do more detailed product image editing. Therefore, you can photograph your product with a white background, making it easier for you in the background removal process.

There are many benefits you can get by doing background removal.

  • Reduces file size
  • Allows you to use another background that suits the product
  • Minimizes small defects, such as hair, threads, etc.
  • Enables you to apply a solid color background

3. Add Shadow

In product image editing, adding realism to each product image can make your product more realistic and attract the attention of many people. You can make it look realistic by adding shadows. In theory, there are three types of shadows that you can apply in your editing process, Natural, Drop, and Reflection.

  • Natural shadow: A shadow that appears naturally when an object is exposed to direct light.
  • Drop shadow: A shadow that gives the illusion that your product is being photographed from above.
  • Reflection shadow: A shadow used to add a beautiful reflection effect to your product.

4. Do Color Correction

Sometimes when you are photographing a product, there are times when the resulting image has unbalanced colors. For that, you need to do color correction in product image editing.

With this technique, you can adjust the hue, exposure, contrast, saturation, and other color parameters of your product images to make them look like the real thing. By doing color
correction, it allows buyers to be more interested in purchasing your products.

However, if you are still struggling with this technique and need help, then you can hire photo retouching services.

5. Crop Needless Photos

Next is to crop out the unnecessary parts in your product images. This technique focuses on how customers perceive the products you are selling. This technique is also super easy to do because you only need a few seconds to crop the parts that are not essential in your product image.

6. Take 3D Photo

2D photos are definitely not enough to attract buyers’ attention to your product. So you must use a 3D photo of your product. This editing technique allows buyers to rotate your product from all sides as if they are holding a tangible item.

7. Remove Mannequins

When you are photographing clothing products, people generally use mannequins to maintain the shape of your clothing. Although mannequins are the best tools to make your apparel photos look real, they can be quite unattractive.

For this, you can get rid of your mannequins by using the ghost mannequin technique. This is a technique used to remove mannequins from the image and let you get a better image of
your apparel product.

8. Doing Batch Editing

Every visitor or customer of your E-Commerce platform expects to see the appropriateness of the visual elements there, including the product images. Besides convenience, it serves as a sign of a professionally made and reliable site, so customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Fortunately, there are several photo editors offer batch photo features. So you can speed up the image editing procedure and produce an identical ambience in a batch of related

9. Outsource Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

Some E-commerce owners may not want to spend their time learning product image editing. If you are one of them, then you can hire photo editing services that can help you save time while ensuring excellent product photo results.

10. Product Photo Optimization

After you have successfully completed the product photo editing process, you should immediately prepare your photos to be uploaded on your E-commerce. But before you start uploading them, you have to make sure that your image file size complies with the marketplace regulations.

Generally, the standard size of a product photo is 1 MB to 2 MB. By following marketplace standards, it can provide faster loading and lower bounce rates.

Do Product Image Editing to Gain More Customers on Your E-commerce!

Considering the tough competition in the field of E-Commerce, you should try harder to retain your clients and attract new ones. The success of your platform largely depends on its visual elements.

However, if you don’t want to learn the proper way of product image editing, you can use Dropicts’ product photo editing service. It is one of the photo editing service providers that offers comprehensive photo editing solutions for E-commerce business platforms. With Dropicts, you can also increase your sales potential and outcome.


  • What is product photo editing?

Product photo editing is the process of removing any visible deficiency from a product so it looks presentable and saleable as well. It also makes a product tangible and appealing so customers can easily observe it and build trust with the online seller.

  • Is product photography a skill?

Yes, photographing products on sale is a skill. Just like other types of photography, product photography also requires great skill to get a decent shot.

  • How important is product photography for E-commerce?

Product photography is essential for any E-commerce business. Since your customers are unable to physically see or feel your products, your product images need to do the sales for
you. Providing professional product images can also boost engagement with your e-commerce website and build customer trust in your brand.

  • What is the best smartphone editing app for product photo editing?

Although there are many editing apps for smartphones out there, the best one for product photo editing is Adobe Lightroom. It features easy-to-use tools like sliders and presets to easily create photographs that look precisely how you want them.

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