Lightroom, 10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Photos

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Lightroom is the most reliable application for editing photos today. Almost all professional photographers use this application to enhance their photos. The good news is that you can also use this application on your smartphone. You can edit directly the pictures you take from your smartphone camera.

In this post, let us share lightroom tips that you can do to improve your images. Check them out!

10 Simple Lightroom Tips to Improve Your Photos.

1. Taking pictures in RAW format

If you plan to produce detailed images and need to edit them in such a way, at least you need to first take pictures in RAW format. RAW is good for producing good edited images because it doesn’t compress photo quality.

For professional photographers, taking pictures in RAW format is highly recommended. Photos in RAW format will capture all image data recorded by the camera sensor, in contrast to JPEG format where the data is compressed. However, photo editing applications on smartphones rarely support the RAW file format.

Adobe Lightroom users need not worry, because RAW format support has been available since July 2016. With this feature, you can import and edit photos in RAW format via smartphone. No need to bother editing RAW format photos via PC, with just the touch of a finger on the smartphone screen!

2. Using presets

Lightroom also has its own presets. For those who don’t want to edit hard, just use the available presets. Some professional photographers also have their own presets and, if they provide one, you can download them to produce images just like them.

How to do that? After editing your photos, you can save your own presets. The trick is to press the three vertical dots at the top right, then click “Create Preset”. After that, you can name your preset and save it. In addition, you can create preset groups to group presets according to the desired category.

This feature makes it easy so that we no longer need to edit manually. Just select the preset you want, then the photo will be edited automatically. To add presets made by other people, you can do this by importing these presets that have the .DNG format into our application.

3. Adjust exposure and lighting

Many of the images obtained from the lens of your smartphone result in images that are either too dark or too bright. Exposure and lighting settings are able to overcome this. Playing with exposure and lighting can give the image a luminous glow just the way you want it.

4. Setting the white lighting

The white balance setting is in the color column. Playing white balance can give special effects to your photos. If you want to get a realistic image, just use the eyedropper tool, then point to the white or gray area.

5. Bring out the color of the image

To bring out the color of the image to be sharp, you can adjust it in the vibrance and saturation. Just don’t go too high to set this thing. Too high a vibrance and saturation makes your image look unnatural.

6. Reduce noise

For those of you who don’t like white spots in photos because the resolution is too high, try heading to the details column to fix it. In that column there is noise reduction for your image to be smoother.

7. Improve image perspective

The new geometry feature can be used if you subscribe to Lightroom. Geometry can straighten your crooked images. The trick is to use the guided upright icon horizontally or vertically.

8. Crop image

Sometimes correcting the perspective is too much and all you really need is to crop the image. Go to the crop field and crop and rotate the image the way you want. Just make sure it still fits the composition.

9. Eliminate unwanted objects

This can also be done if you subscribe first. You will get a healing brush feature. Equipped with artificial intelligence, you will have no trouble eliminating the object.

10. Use selective editing

Selective edit is also a premium feature, but with this feature you can apply image effects in specific areas. This feature is useful if any part of your photo is overexposed and you want to fix it.

Why Do You Have to Use Lightroom?

Lightroom has many strengths compared to other photo editing applications. You can check some of its strengths below.

The cloud sync feature is one of Adobe Lightroom’s greatest strengths. You can save the photo that is being edited in the cloud and can be accessed via any device. Hence you can start editing on your PC, then continue on your smartphone or tablet and then upload it on your social media.
This flexibility will make it easier for you to edit photos on the sidelines of your busyness. This cloud feature can be accessed on desktop, mobile and website. In addition, photos and files that are being edited can be backed up automatically.

You could say, Adobe Lightroom is an all-in-one photo editing application. With this application, you can do standard photo edits, such as tweaking lighting, contrast, highlights, shadows, white and black tones. In addition, you can edit colors by editing the color temperature, hue, vibrance and saturation.

Add effects by tweaking the texture, clarity, fog effect, vignette and grain. You can also sharpen photos, reduce noise and edit photos with available instant presets. However, not all features are provided for free. There are features that can only be unlocked if we do a paid upgrade.


Lightroom is an incredible instrument for photographers and is exceptionally simple to use. Lightroom is able to combine designs that look elegant, professional and easy to understand. The buttons are large with clear writing and the features are well organized. Looks simple and classy at the same time.

It never really changes the original picture and every one of your progressions are saved. This implies that you can constantly return to any stage or even the first document. In this way, on the off chance that you observe that you are not completely content with a picture, have a go at tweaking it in Lightroom.

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