Creating a DIY Softbox Light is Easy and Cheap for Real

diy softbox light

If you are into the field of photography, you will most likely know about the so-called DIY softbox light. Yet, you may not have it just yet because it can be expensive to purchase one out there.

Nevertheless, you can always look for some simple hacks to build at home. You can expect similar functions and results with those expensive ones for less money. Without a doubt, it is a thing that you need to know about for your photography journey.

How to Make a DIY Softbox to Light Your Photos?

Before making a DIY softbox light, it is fundamental to understand the function of this item first. In short, this particular thing softens the exposure from any lighting unit you use for a photo session.

It is necessary to use it because without it, hotspots and harsh shadows often appear in the photos. It comes in a simple design, indeed. Nevertheless, it can be pricey for some starters in photography. Therefore, it is reasonable for you to create it at home.

Consider the Ideas

Without a doubt, there are several ideas you can consider when making this photography lighting tool. Each idea comes with a different set of necessary materials and steps to make one. A cardboard softbox is the most popular one when it comes to the cheap and DIY version of this item. You can use a shoebox to create the box.

And then, you can even incorporate a white garbage bag to act as the diffusion panel. It is a cheap alternative to those pricey ones available at stores.
Another example of the idea of the so-called DIY softbox light is to use a lampshade. There are many of them that you can purchase at thrift stores or flea markets.

Parchment paper, PVC pipe, and umbrella are also recommended when you are considering the DIY ideas of a softbox for your photography lighting units. At this point, you need to think about the availability and access to the materials before choosing one of those ideas.

Gather the Materials

Once you have decided to go with the idea of the DIY softbox light, you need to gather the necessary materials.

For example, if you want to make one from cardboard, you have to look for the cardboard that has the appropriate size according to the lighting unit you have. Keep in mind to consider the necessary tools you need to complete the process of making this item.

In many ways, DIY stuff like this one does not require too many things.
When you already have the light source for the box, it is necessary to consider the diffusion level you need. It affects the material for the diffusion panel in the DIY softbox light you are about to create.

For example, some light units may remain bright and sharp when you are using only a white garbage bag for the diffuser. Therefore, you may need to consider other materials that can probably be parchment paper or even a white fabric.

Making the Actual Softbox Light

Creating a DIY softbox for photography only requires several steps, but it will not take long for you to complete it and you can use it immediately. Believe it or not, you can always rely on parchment paper for a quick solution to the need for a softbox or a diffuser for your photography lighting. It is okay to place parchment paper directly to the light source since it is heat resistant. What about the necessary steps to make one from solid cardboard?

Once you already have the right piece of cardboard, you need to create an opening for the lighting unit that you have. It will be the place for the light to enter the box for the DIY softbox light you create. Measure the light source and create an opening tight enough so that it sits in place when you are using it. You can use appropriate tape to secure the box once you place the light source inside the box through the opening you just created.

Now, the tricky part is to create the reflector inside the box. The cardboard will not reflect the light source you put through the opening. Therefore, you need to use aluminum foil as the reflector. Cut another piece of cardboard to form a trapezoid that fits inside the box. Remember to form a 3D cone that fits the light source. In other words, you need to make a room inside the box with aluminum foil walls to direct the light towards the diffuser of the DIY softbox light.

Lastly, it is time to create the diffuser. There are many choices of white materials with varying levels of opacity. It is necessary to find the one that matches the brightness level of the light source you have. A t-shirt, paper, and even a bed sheet are all usable for this matter. Cut the diffuser material according to the size of the opening at the front part of the softbox. Secure it in place using glue and tape whenever necessary. Voila, your DIY softbox light is complete and ready to use.

The Verdict

A softbox for any lighting unit for photography is always necessary. Regardless of the pricey units available at stores, there are some workarounds to building a cheap one at home.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced individual in the field of photography, you can always rely on this DIY stuff to make a softbox that benefits you. You can always search for the best way in using this item over many photography tips from online sources.

If you need a softbox light for your photography, do not hesitate to make one. You can improve the quality and overall level of your DIY softbox light once you try to make one.

Of course you can make many of them if you have several light sources or flash units that support your photography activity. It turns out to be easy to make this necessary tool that will enhance your photos. Do not wait any further and start making your softbox light at home.

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