4 Unique and Fun Family Photo Outfit Ideas

family photo outfit ideas

Taking photos with family is a precious moment that is rarely done. Therefore, all family members must look as extraordinary as possible. The photos taken must be perfect so all family members can remember it for a long time. Wearing the same color clothes is too boring. You have to choose a unique and unusual costume. Here we present family photo outfit ideas you can try.

5 Family Photo Outfit Ideas For Your Next Family Outing

There are many outfit ideas that you can use to make great family photos. You can choose the outfit based on the current season or play with the motifs and designs. Here are some clothing ideas that can be an inspiration.

1. Looking Fresh With Citrus Color Palette

Want to make a unique family photo? Using citrus colors would be perfect. The citrus color palette consists of a variety of colors. The whole family can choose different colors according to their preferences. The citrus color is striking, but if you’re doing an excellent job mixing and matching, it will make a nice set of colors. You can use outerwear in neutral colors to slightly tone it down. 

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2. Identical but Not The Same 

Want to look harmonious with the same design or pattern of clothes? Of course, you can! The whole family can discuss the main design they wish to use. The next step is to mix and match according to their styles.

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Let’s assume you choose the main design with a checkerboard pattern. Everyone can add the pattern with any outer or design. For example, the mother uses checkered overalls with a denim jacket. Dad can wear a plaid shirt with a navy sweater. The child will be wearing a white dress with a plaid outer.

3. Stay True and Authentic

Picking a color and design that everyone likes can be difficult. Looking for the same clothes will take forever. So why don’t you allow each family member to dress the way they want? Let’s say that the theme chosen for the photoshoot is denim. Then everyone can dress up in their own denim. The photos will capture the uniqueness of each family member. It will be fascinating to see this photo in the next few years.

4. Back To ’80s

Are you running out of ideas for creative and fun photoshoots? You can try clothes in the ‘80s style. Using retro-style clothes will give an exciting impression on the photos taken. For example, you can use a leather jacket, newsboy hat, striped shirt, parachute jacket, and others. Not only are the photos taken will be remembered, but the photoshoot itself is also a beautiful memory. The whole family will indeed feel nostalgic while taking photos together.

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5. Traditional Clothing

Family photos in traditional clothes are also exciting and look aesthetic. Traditional clothes now have attractive and fashionable designs. There is no need to feel out of date because traditional clothes will make the atmosphere warm. Don’t forget the accessories to make your outfit even more perfect.

Those are some family photo outfit ideas for your inspiration. Were you confused about which outfits to choose? Just try them all! Get family photos with all different themes. Photoshoots don’t have to be stiff and awkward, but you can make them fun. Make your family shots even more perfect with professional editing from Dropicts. Just drop all your photos and wait for the result. You can find all the prices and information about photo editing on our website. Feel free to contact us!

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