4 Steps to Pop Vibrant and Powerful Color Image

4 Steps to Pop Vibrant and Powerful Color Image

Sometimes we excited to see a picture with strong, powerful, and vibrant color. This kind of photo gives a delusional sensation and different feeling about it and how to do it?. There are quick methods you can try. First, using an image editor like Photoshop but requires some technique to optimize photography Or, second you can use image service editor such as dropicts provided. Using dropicts gives you a special experience related to image quality that resulted.

The final photo that resulted by Photoshop element showing a big different with powerful color.

Meanwhile, let’s reveal popping image color with special equipment such as Photoshop first. With the skill, you may waking up the image color in perfect combinations. This tutorial will using adobe Photoshop element which we assumed you get to used it. This technique can saves your photo from dull and poor. So, let’s check it out.

1. Open Your Image

To edit an image, you must open it first. Open your image with Photoshop elements. After that, choose the layer option which located at the top page. There are some choices, and the next step you should choose and press duplicate layer.

Insert your image in Photoshop element then create the layer in the first step.

2. Open the Layer Menu

After duplicate a layer, open the layer menu placed in the bottom right corner. Then, choose screen and suddenly your image becomes brighter. If your image was taken in the low light, you may brighten first. If your image too bright, just reduce it with Opacity. Next, flatten the photo by pressing Flatten image in the layer.

When duplicate layer was created, open the menu in the bottom corner and choose the screen.

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3. Doubled Your Layer

Duplicate your layer then choose Soft light in the Layer menu. This layer will directly give you vibrant and powerful color in your photo. You reduce the Opacity at this time if you feel it too much. Or, you may try Hard light if the image color wasn’t enough. You can add some personal touches in this point by repeat it again.

Using a soft light will instantly changes the image into powerful and vibrant color.

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4. Adjusting Image Level

At last, adjusting color image level is the final session about editing photo. You can open this feature by pressing command button with L in the same time. You will see the graphic level that representing your photo. Moving an arrow under the graph will adjusting the level, left to make darker, right to make brighter, and middle is midtone.

A popup windows rom press command appearance showing adjustment color setting.

It’s kind of bit tricky if you don’t have any idea how to use Photoshop element. For simple result, you may want to try image editor as Dropicts.

We will gives you benefit to enjoy your time without disturbing doing thing that maybe you don’t mastered. It more wisely if leave it to dropicts as your professional photo editing services editor.

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Image Courtesy : http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/07/how-to-create-vibrant-color-photographs.html


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