How to Unblur an Image? Here Are 3 Ways To Do It

how to unblur an image

When you are on vacation or in a beautiful place, you will immediately take your cellphone to capture the moment. Sometimes you only have a little time to take pictures because there is another place to visit. As a result, unconsciously, the photos turned out to be blurry. Is there any way to make the image clear? Of course! Here is how to unblur an image.

How To Unblur An Image Using Various Applications?

Before you delete all those blurry photos, stop for a moment. There are several software programs you can use to make editing easier. Please read some of the ways below to make those photos crystal clear. Let’s dive in.

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a software program known for doing any editing. Photoshop can make your blurry photos clearer. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the blurry photo in Photoshop.
  • Find the layers section in the menu on the right side. Duplicate the photo background by right-clicking and selecting the Duplicate layer.
  • Click the Filter menu and look for the Others option. Look for the High Pass option on the new small tab. Set the High past until 10%.
  • Find the Blend Mode section and select Hard Light on the Layer Style tab. Adjust until you see that the photo is clear.

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2. GIMP Image Editor

Can’t use Photoshop because it’s paid? No problem! There is another software program you can use for free, namely GIMP. All its features are almost the same as those in Photoshop, so you can make blurry photos clear. Here is the step to unblur it:

  • Open the blur photo in GIMP.
  • In the toolbox, select Blur/Sharpen, which is symbolized in the form of a water drop, or just press Shift + U.
  • Select the Sharpen option and hover your cursor over the blurry photo. Choose any part you want to make clearer.
  • Then let the GIMP do the work. When selecting Sharpen on a blurry photo, the GIMP will do its job right away. You just have to wait and see the final result.

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Another free software program that can help you make blurry photos clear is How to use it is almost the same as the previous two software. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open the blur photo you want to edit in
  • When it opens, select the Effects section and click Photo.
  • A new small tab that has a Sharpen option will appear on the screen.
  • Click that Sharpen option, and then the settings tab will appear to make the photo clearer. Adjust the clarity of the photo as desired.
  • If the photo is clearer, select OK to finish.

That’s how to unblur an image. Very easy, right? Follow the method above when there is a blurry photo that you want to make clear. But if you can’t get the precise result you want, Dropicts is here to help. All your blurry photos will definitely become clear with the help of Dropicts. In addition, your photos will look stunning with a few touches from our professional team. Need any other editing services? Just contact us here.

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