What You Need to Know About Commercial Photography

What You Need to Know About Commercial Photography

Maybe we often don’t realize, many photos that appear on social media screens, brochures, and magazines are part of commercial photography. At first glance, it seems like an interesting photo, or just for allies of a campaign. Because these commercial photos do have a variety of types.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photos are photos taken by focusing on the essence and value of existing objects. This object can be many things; food, clothing, products, scenery, and people. You may often see commercial photos that can be viewed on Google or paid photo websites.

These various photos have different aesthetics, photos that convey important points, even messages to the audience. Like a photo of a magnificent building, or a photo of a group of people doing certain activities.

These photos fall into the commercial category, and many people even use them to support business, branding, and other needs.

Types of Commercial Photography

The same photo may have a different purpose. Photos that you take to simply capture rare moments or photos that have value and aimed for business purposes. Commercial photos are photos that can show the advantages of a subject, as in the several types below.

1. Food Photography

One of the easiest photography is when it is related to food. Food photography is the most commercialized type of photos. Usually, this food photo is for the needs of digital branding.

In commercial food photos, the photographer will tend to show the best side of the subject. Explore the interesting side of food. It is also useful for distinguishing similar food photos from photos of competitors’ products.

2. Fashion Photography

You may see models wearing the latest fashions, clothes with comfortable materials, and so on. From the photo, you can see or imagine how comfortable it is to wear these clothes.
This is an example of commercial fashion photography. Its function is to show the audience that many beautiful things can be explored from clothing. Later, it is likely that this photo will bring buyers of the clothes in question. More than that, the purpose of this commercial photography is to show the value and excellence of the subject.

3. Sport Photography

As with food and clothing, sports photography also shows an attractive perspective of a sport. Whether it’s individual sports, team sports, health campaigns, or items related to a sport.

It might not come down directly to the people doing the sports, but sport photography can also be about sportswear, fitness equipment, or sports-related accessory products.

4. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is taking photos from the air or high distance, to show the surface view of land or sea. Photos showing the sky, flying birds, and hot air balloons are also included in aerial photography.

Even though it looks like an ordinary landscape photo, aerial photography is also a photo that can be commercialized. Aerial photos usually come with copyrights, so other people who want to use it need to pay for a license, especially if the purpose of using those photos are for business rather than personal use.

5. Portrait Photography

If you think a portrait of someone can’t be commercialized, we have a different approach here. Good portrait photography has a lot of artistic value implied by a simple appearance.
Not only product photos, but a person can also become an interesting and valuable photo object. This portrait photo usually appears in magazines or biographical books. In general, the main highlight of a self-portrait is its expression, which can show artistic value as well as conveys a message whenever people see it.

6. Product Photography

Photographers usually throw in several supporting items to help the main product look attractive. The item will be adjusted to the concept and the main product itself.
Product Photography can be any product and basically everything! You must have seen them in magazines or online such as watches, beauty products, jewelry, clothes, and many more!

7. Advertising Photography

Advertising photography may at first glance look similar to a commercial function, it’s just that this photo emphasizes making an attractive product. The photographer will create neat and attractive settings, lighting, and photo backgrounds so that the audience’s attention is focused only on the product.

Not only the shooting technique, this photograph also uses eCommerce photo editing services to make the photos more enhanced provided by Dropicts.

8. Architecture Photography

Have you ever seen a photo of a magnificent building taken from a unique angle? These photos with broad and gorgeous landscapes are a type of architectural photography. As part of a commercial photo, most photos of this building emphasize the unique side of the construction.

This architectural photography doesn’t have to be the outer appearance of the building, some of these architectural photos also include the interior and exterior appearance. Featuring unique details and aesthetic spots.

Let’s Start Your Commercial Photography Journey!

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