The Importance of Product Images in E-Commerce

The Importance of Product Images in E-Commerce

Nowadays, photo products are the primary key for making successful e-commerce. One way to develop your business is by having a great product image on your e-commerce site.

So, in this article, we will explain the importance of product photos, and types of e-commerce product photos that can improve your website and app engagements. There is also an explanation on how to make a fantastic product image below.

Why Is Product Image So Important for E-Commerce?

Someone once said, “a picture can express more than a thousand words,” and it also applied to a product photo. It can describe many things about your product. Product photos are essential tools to promote and sell your product. The great photos of your product can build customer trust and improve the experience.

As says, 87,6% of their respondents considered product photos the main element of their shopping experience. Seeing high-quality product photos, with good lighting, and pretty features are more attractive for customers.

When you shop on e-commerce, you can’t touch the products and ensure the quality. Because of that, it is essential to make a good experience for your customer with an eye-catching photo product.

Types of E-Commerce Product Images

The primary aim of a photo product is to convey what your product is and how it works. So there are five product images to make customers visit your website or buy your product.

1. Hero

This product image should look big, bold, and dominant. Imagine how your favorite superhero solves the crime and problems in the city. Here, your product should be a ‘hero’ and looks like it has a lot of benefits.

That’s why hero product photography looks strong, significant, and dominant. To make this photograph, you can combine the visual features of your product with engaging words or text to drive people to find out more about your product.

2. Lifestyle

A lifestyle product image is one of the popular product photos made for promoting a product. Usually, this type of photography is used on fashion or household goods. The purpose of lifestyle photography is to demonstrate how your product should be used daily.

3. Simple Product Photos

You might have seen this typical product photo with a plain white background, and it caused customers to focus on the product with minimal distractions. Simple product images fit almost all products on e-commerce.

4. 360 Degrees

This relatively new way of presenting products, it allows customers to pan or rotate images to get a complete picture of the product and create a more immersive experience.

A 360-degree image is created by combining software with a series of panoramic photos to form an endless circle around the point of capture. These photos are famous for displaying furniture, appliances, and shoes.

5. GIFs and Videos

GIFs and videos are a great way to show your product in action and provide visual clarity to your users. It also enables a more immersive experience and encourages user interaction with your product.

GIFs and videos are also statistically proven to increase sales. A one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, and 84% of consumers are more likely to place an order after watching a product video.

Make Product Images on Your Own

It is easy to make simple product images by yourself. Just prepare the equipment like a camera, tripod, white background, and lighting. Check these step by step to take your photo product.

1. Set up Your Equipment

Set your camera, white background, and lighting up. Adjust all of your equipment to fit where you took your photo. If you think it is too simple, you can put some dry flowers on your white background. You can also change your location as long as the color tone still fits with your product.

2. Set up Your Product

Set up your product in front of the camera. If you have extra set-up decorations, arrange them according to your liking. Add some lighting if it is needed.

3. Take a Picture

Take as many pictures of your product as you can. Make a different angle or different arrangement of your product. You can decide which one you want to display on your e-commerce site later.

4. Evaluate and Edit Your Photos

The last step is to evaluate and edit your photos. Pick the best picture and give them simple editings like adjusting the brightness, contrast, filter, and effect. You can use a photo editing service to learn how to edit your product photos. Now you can find many e-commerce photo editing services on the internet easily.

Let’s Have Your Great Product Images!

That’s all about product images. It’s easy to take a photo product, and we are sure you can take your product photos yourself. But, we understand not everyone can edit their product photos because of their limited skill and time.

So, we recommend you to edit your product photos with Dropicts. It is an online photo editing service with an affordable price.


  • How is good photography for a product?

Avoid cluttering and distracting images with too many elements. Remember that your goal is to promote your product. Keep the background simple with a single color, two colors, or a subtle pattern. Make sure your photos do not contain irrelevant or non-value-added content.

  • How do you style your product photography?

When styling your product, you should place props naturally and add layer or stack props for extra look.

  • What is the best background for product photography?

White is the most common and safest background color to choose. White keeps the background clean and focuses more on the product.

  • Is it okay to use white for product photos?

Yes. White is the most continuous and looks excellent in various colors and styles. A white background is perfect if you want to showcase your product with as little distraction as possible.

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