4 Important Things To Consider in Architecture Photography

architecture photography

Architecture photography has always been an incredible subject to admire. Great architectural photography usually portrays the magnificence and visual representation of a building scene. To enhance the pictures, photographers have to do some photo editing hacks for it.

If you are new to architecture photography and looking for good editing tips, then this post will help you out. We have compiled some important photo editing tips. So, check this out!

What is Architecture Photography?

Simply put, architecture photography is the genre that focuses on taking photos of buildings or structures. It is all not only about capturing the precise design and representation
of a building but also about making the shots aesthetically pleasing for viewers.

That’s why an architectural photographer needs some specific skills and techniques to capture the beauty of a building.

If you wonder whether there is a certain measurement to determine building as an object for good architectural photography, the answer is yes there is.

Well, before you know the proper architectural photo editing techniques. It’s a good idea to understand the measurements for choosing your building object.

What Determines Architecture Photography?

In general, there are seven measurements to check for architectural photography. Check them out here!

1. Good Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element to be considered in choosing your photography object. Good lighting is the key to all genres of photography, and it applies to architecture photography as well.

It’s important to seek a good balance between too much and too little light. Having excessive light can wash out the photograph, while a little light makes the details of the building unclear to be captured.

If you need help in enhancing your architecture photography’s lighting, you can use photo retouching services.

2. Perspective

If you want to produce a really good photograph, it is necessary to capture the building from the correct perspective. This means the photographer must know the perfect angle to capture the building perfectly. They must know the distance between him/herself and the building as well.

3. Good Composition

Composition is indeed key in any kind of photography, and it is especially important in architectural photography. Architectural photographers should consider carefully how they want to frame their shots to present the magnificence of the building.

4. Straight Vertical Lines

Straight vertical lines are a good aspect to consider for architectural photography. Using vertical lines in your composition will help emphasize the height of the building and can often make the image look aesthetically pleasing.

5. The Importance of Subjects

As great as the lighting, a photograph will not be successful if the subject is not engaging. This is why choosing a good subject for your architecture photography is super important.

There are plenty of different aspects to consider when choosing a subject, but some of the most important factors include the building’s size, the structure’s shape, and its
overall aesthetic appeal.

6. Natural Colors and Tones

The colors and tones of a photograph can have a major impact on the overall appearance and tone of the shot. This is why it is important to be mindful of choosing and setting the color tones.

If you’re unsure which view is best, it’s always a good idea to try experimenting with both black and white and color photography. Alternatively, you can also hire a photo editing service to consult about it.

4 Things to Consider In Editing Architecture Photography

Below are some crucial considerations that you can take note of editing architectural photos.

A. Straight Vertical Lines

The first one is the same as the first measurements. In photographing a building, you need to ensure that it has perfectly straight vertical lines.

This tip’s purpose is to make a bold effect on buildings. It will also create realistic, strong, and stable architecture photographs.

B. Keep the Natural Colors

The difficulty in photographing buildings is setting the proper light. In architectural photography, there will always light sources that could cause the photos to look unsightly. Not only the light, but these color casts are also sometimes caused by reflected light from the building’s surroundings.

You need to produce an image that looks as natural and real as possible. And color cast could interfere with it and make it look unnatural. That’s why you should do some extra
editing so it has a natural and realistic light.

C. Remove Some Objects

Besides color, you should also consider removing some objects in your architectural photography. Certain objects in an architectural photograph sometimes distract the viewer from where you want to focus on them.

Let’s say you are shooting a photo of a specific room but there are lizards on the wall. These lizards will generally distract the viewers as their eyes are constantly drawn to
that area.

For this reason, you must remove some objects so that the viewer can focus more on seeing the object that you actually want to portray.

D. Use Mood Enhancers

For example, you are trying to photograph a playground with a sunset atmosphere. But sadly, you don’t get a sunset but clouds.

Let’s say you managed to get some stunning architectural photography under such conditions. You can overcome it by applying a mood enhancer. Simply replace the cloudy clouds with a warm afternoon vibe on the clouds, and now you have successfully made a good sunset photograph.

Excited to Try Architecture Photography Editing Tips?

Just like most other photography genres such as commercial photography, you also need some skills and techniques in producing architecture photography. Not only the right way to shoot, but you also need to understand the photo editing process. By the end, we hope this post is helpful for you.


  • What is architectural photography?
    It is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the beauty of a building or similar architectural structure.
  • What are the types of architectural photography?
    There are two types of photography, namely exterior architecture photography as well as interior architecture photography.
  • What is the main concern in architectural photography?
    The main concern of this genre of photography is to highlight the design of buildings including patterns and other aesthetic procedures.
  • What makes good architectural photography?
    It is compulsory to understand the importance of lines, and shapes. Keep an eye out for horizontal, diagonal, or vertical lines to emphasize your picture.

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