Make Real Estate Photography Stands Out With These Editing Tips!

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Real estate businesses need attractive photos to be able to attract investors. Unfortunately, it is not easy to provide such photos. But, no need to worry because you can do some editing tips on real estate photography to attract buyers and sellers. Make sure to check these tips out!

9 Editing Tips for Real Estate Photography

There are nine basic editing tips you can do for the real estate images. Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Color Correction

First things first, color is the factor you must give more attention to. You know that a flat effect would not give attractiveness to an image. However, no need to worry because you can fix the problem with color correction.

Merely choose the effect which can change the image more lively. Also, adjust the saturation and hue so that the room or building looks fresher than before.

2. Line Straightening

I know that capturing real estate photography is challenging, especially if there’s a line element in the building. Sometimes the line in a property can be intriguing that needs to be edited to be perfect. As a result, you need to line straighten on photo editing.

You can do it with Photoshop with the Free Transformation tool. Drag the line so that it can be straight in one line. If you find this too difficult, an image retouching service can cover your back.

3. Remove Unwanted Objects

Next, you may see unwanted objects in your image. Even worse, some unimportant things can destroy the aesthetics of the property. Therefore, you must remove those objects and make
the image clearer.

Erasing them will help in highlighting the property. Note that you need to attract people with the image. So removing unwanted elements could help with it.

4. Even The Lighting

Bad lighting in real estate photography will affect the buyers. So, you need to be extra careful on the lighting’s image. You can try to even the lighting by adjusting highlights and shadows.

Remember to give more spotlight to the property so that it stands out. If you prefer a natural-looking one, it is also fine. Just make sure to produce an appealing image to attract potential customers.

5. Replace The Sky

Weather is predictable but somehow rain and gloomy clouds may come anytime. You are lucky if you can capture the property on sunny days. But what if you do not have other time for capturing due to the bad weather?

Replacing the sky through a photo editing service will be a game-changer. Level up the shadows, and add some splash to the colors, then people can see the real image of your property under the bright sun.

6. Photo Manipulation

Another problem that may appear due to bad weather is dead spots on the lawn. This issue is vital because a minor thing may destroy the property’s image. Moreover, people will think that your building is not worth checking.

Therefore, photo manipulation is a must for real estate photography. You can solve the issue by retouching the dead spot to the green ones. The image will have a fresher look and be able to attract more people’s attention.

7. HDR Editing

HDR is high-dynamic-range, a photo editing method to create a more excellent dynamic range of a property. You can do this method by taking at least three images using different exposures.

This seventh method allows you to blend multiple pictures and then combine them to get the perfect blended images. Thus, please be careful during the photography moment so that you can merge the images efficiently with adjustments on highlights and shadows.

8. Ghosting Removal

Ghosting is also known as a blurred image due to nature’s movement. For example, the trees move due to the wind and produce shadows on the property. Somehow, it occurs commonly but the result may be a little irritating for real estate photography.

Therefore, you must be more meticulous by removing the ghosting with editing apps. Take a closer look so that the blurry part no longer exists.

9. Keep Your Image Realistic

Last but not least, photo editors should not go overboard during the editing process. You must keep the image realistic by concentrating on a natural-looking look. Furthermore,
avoid giving overly saturation and cartoon effects.

Remember that you must have the image captivating and appealing. So people will find the property attractive and interesting to purchase.

Let’s Edit Your Real Estate Photography Now!

Editing real estate photography may require a lot of energy. But it is worth trying because you must provide an appealing image to attract people’s attention. Moreover, you can practice on your own with a free-trial application.

So what if you do not have any skills in editing? No need to worry because Dropicts will cover your back! Just visit the website and the team will pleasantly help. Ready to produce appealing real estate photography?


  • Why is editing real estate photos important?
    Editing can result in a more realistic look but can attract more people. The more appealing your image, the more possibility to purchase.
  • Can beginners edit real estate photography?
    Definitely. Beginners who are interested in photo editing can practice on their own. But you need to give more effort so that the pictures become better and better.
  • What application is recommended for editing real estate images?
    There are many editing applications you can use for editing a photo. However, beginners may find Photoshop better because it is user-friendly. Meanwhile, professionals may be more comfortable with Adobe Lightroom or Corel Draw.
  • How much budget do you need to edit real estate photography?
    Commonly, photo editing applications offer free trials within several days or weeks, or months. But you must pay the price whenever the trial ends. So it differs on what application you use. If you find the price too expensive, then photo editing services would be the best option.

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