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What Makes High Resolution Photos Important for E-commerce Success

What Makes High Resolution Photos Important for E-commerce Success

high resolution photos

Selling products on e-commerce is a great step for the business. To attract potential customers, it is important to upload high-quality photos. High resolution photos will show clear and sharp images so it will create trust in your product.

Images play a crucial role in e-commerce because consumers cannot see the product directly. As a buyer, will you continue to buy if the e-commerce displays unclear and blurry images? You will definitely find other online stores that are more convincing, won’t you?

That’s why it is important to know the secrets to success in running an ecommerce business.

Reasons Why You Should Use High Resolution Photos

In an online business, photos are not just images to display products. Photos are used to convey information and communicate with consumers. Here are the reasons using high-quality photos is important:

1. Reduce Consumers Distrust

If you want your e-commerce business to grow quickly and be flooded with many customers, you have to build consumer trust. Make sure to provide attractive, aesthetic, and high-quality photos. Even though it sounds simple, it is the main consideration for consumers during online shopping.

Clear photos will lead consumers to find other products as well. This will certainly increase the chances of higher sales. Because consumers will not hesitate to check out their
purchases immediately.

2. Sources of Information

Product photos on e-commerce will be a source of information for consumers. Before buying a product, consumers will go through the photos to make sure of the quality.

For example, if you sell clothes, make sure your uploaded photos take pictures from different angles so you can show all the details of the shirt design.

Also, use close-up photos of the clothes so consumers can see the pattern or details of the fabric. This factor is important, considering consumers cannot see and hold the item directly. Presenting complete information through photos can help consumers to get a vivid imagination.

To make clothing products look more alive and real, you can use models or mannequins. Thus, consumers can find out how the clothes look when they are worn.

3. Lower Rate of Return

Posting high-quality photos will also lower the rate of return. It is because consumers do not feel cheated between the original product and the product photos on display.

On the other hand, if you display a low-resolution photo, the product will look less clear and look unattractive. Consumers who feel the product does not match the image displayed,
will return their purchase. It will give consumers an unpleasant shopping experience so they will not come back to shop at your store.

To prevent this from happening to your store, upload high-quality images and use photo editing services to make your photos look more appealing and pleasing to the eye. Editing photos does not mean making a photo display different from the original product, but instead, makes it look more similar and clearer.

4. Get Audience Exposure

Another advantage of high resolution photos is they could also be used for media exposure. You can upload it to social media for your product’s promotion.

Not only that it creates a potential opportunity for consumers to share these photos with their colleagues.

High quality photos will not be cracked or blurry if sent using email or other social media. As a result, the audience can see the product clearly and in detail. After that,
audiences could be intrigued to buy these products.

To make photo displays more perfect and product images clearer, you can use photo retouching services. This service is able to create commercial photos for you to sell.

5. Professional Image

If you want to build a professional image for your online business, then uploading high resolution photos is the proper way. Every high quality photo you use will make it easy for consumers to believe in the shop and the products you sell.

The trust between customers and sellers is hard to get. That is why it is important to build trust as early as possible. It also potentially makes them willing to repurchase.

In addition, you also have a great opportunity to get loyal customers. These loyal customers will certainly make a profitable contribution to your business.

6. Great for SEO

You can also optimize product sales using SEO. You can use this marketing strategy so that when consumers type in keywords, your product photos will appear in the suggestions.

To provide a detailed image presentation, we recommend you upload more than one photo so that each part of the product detail can be seen perfectly by customers.

Also, make sure to use high-quality photos so consumers don’t feel they are wasting time and are disappointed after purchasing your products.

Ready to Use High Resolution Photos for Your E-commerce?

Those are 6 reasons why you should use high-quality photos for your e-commerce success. The main key to running a successful online business is presenting clear and good-quality product photos.

If the background of a raw photo is messy and unappealing, you can use the background removal service from Dropicts. This service has a good reputation and experience, so it’s worth relying on.


  • Why should you use high resolution photos for e-commerce?
    Clear and high-quality photos are crucial to the success of an online business. It also will make your customers more attracted and check out your product easily.
  • How do high-quality photos benefit consumers?
    Consumers can get valid information and feel confident about the product. It also prevents the customers from returning the item.
  • How to make e-commerce photos more attractive?
    You may retouch your photo independently by utilizing some application. But if you do not have editing skills, it is recommended to use the Dropicts photo editing service to maximize photo display.
  • Should you take photos for e-commerce with a professional camera?
    You don’t have to, you can use a smartphone camera and collaborate with photography and photo editing skills. The result will also look professional and convincing.

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We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.