Need for Visual Consistency in Product Photography

Visual Product Photography

Product photography is an important factor in e-commerce. It helps showcase products online and attract leads. Success in e-commerce product photography goes beyond shooting product photos. It goes into having a consistent visual presentation of your online store across all channels. Your images must be coherent and include harmony in their different elements. You need to focus on branding your online business by showcasing consistency in image colors, angles, and quality. It can help enhance brand awareness and trust.

Why having consistent images in your e-commerce brand matters

Over the last few years, growth in e-commerce has increased. Statistics show over 24 million online stores exist globally. Customers today have more product choices based on value and cost. Data by Statista shows tough competition has increased by 44% since 2020. Due to this, it is crucial to have consistent, quality product photos in your online brand. It offers you different benefits for your online brand.

• Establishing your brand identity. Brand identity in e-commerce is not just about an attractive logo. Having good brand photography increases coherence and uniqueness.

• Enhances sales. Consistency helps leads view the same product quality across channels. They view them as high quality and make purchase decisions.

• Builds trust. Your products stand out and increase trust from online traffic.

Consistent use of product photography requires you to upload or download large image files. This could create a bottleneck in your system and affect performance. If you are using a Mac, transferring large files can be easier using FTP. It is a strategy that allows you to upload files or transfer data using an FTP server Mac. With FTP, you only need to connect your Mac to a server and transfer through the cloud.

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Components of consistent product photography in e-commerce

Building a successful online store goes beyond adding products. Competition is always growing which is why you need quality images. The product photos you upload should help persuade customers to buy your products. Consistent images in your online brand should bear the following features.

• Right composition. Composition means how the elements are arranged. Their arrangement should evoke meaning in the photos.

• Be high quality. Quality should go beyond quantity. The quality and setting of equipment should be good.

• Capture the right angles. Angles refers to the way the product is positioned. The angle should capture more elements of the product. It should not affect its shape or size presentation.

• Right editing. Use the perfect editing software to improve the look of your photos.

Image Credit : Pexels

How to create consistency in your e-commerce product photos

The presentation you give online determines your success in sales. It impacts the success of your brand identity and trust. There are different ways to create brand consistency in your online company.

Create your online brand style and guidelines

Define your photography style. Choose the background you want to use. Have guidelines on your uploading consistency. It includes choosing a theme for your product photos. When uploading large images, you might experience slowed performance. You may choose FTP for Mac to enhance performance. Gather information about how to FTP files to make the process easier.

Plan your photoshoot

Your images should achieve more than one goal. They should enhance loyalty, awareness, and trust. Create a plan on what products require shooting. Know the angles and elements that you need to capture.

Use consistent camera settings

Using different camera settings provides you with differing photo qualities. Set your camera to the same mode, resolution, lighting, and size.
Avoid switching your photo editing application. Unless your editing app is poor quality, you should maintain the same app. Each software comes with different features and offers you unique results. The difference can be significant across your products.

Use the same background colors all the time

Before you begin your product photography, decide the background to use. It might be important to use the color of your logo or brand as the background. Also, consider your target audience and find the color that will appeal to those most.

Maintain your shooting angles and light

Decide if you will be shooting your photos from a bird, normal, or warm eye view. Maintain this angle for all your product photography. Test different background light intensities and choose one style.

Get ideas from your competitors

It is not advisable to copy your competitors but it’s okay to learn ideas from them. Visit their websites to see what their product photography looks like. It can help you improve your skills. Once you gain inspiration from them, review your photos and decide the areas that need improvement.


Your product photography presents your brand stories to your online audiences. The stories it creates should be consistent across all channels. It benefits you with improved brand awareness and trust. To build consistent photography, keep a consistent background color, lighting, and shooting angles. Use the same camera settings and plan your shooting. Using the same editing application can help achieve consistent results.


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