All The Right Reasons to Touch Up A Photo

3 Reasons to Touch Up A Photo

Before we begin, let’s understand the difference between editing and retouching in photography as both terms are often misused. Editing means correcting exposure, lighting, contrast, color temperature, tonal ranges, saturation, or even cropping some of the images if needed, to make the overall pictures look better. 


Meanwhile, retouching pays more attention to smaller details in the picture such as evening out skin tones, removing any facial blemish, brightening the eyes, or whitening the teeth that appear in the photographs. Due to its more detailed requirements, it can take more hours of work compared to editing. 


The bottom line is clear. Photographers touch up images for perfection. You want to post only the best looking pictures of your products, not just any average looking picture. Scroll down to understand more about all the right reasons to touch up a photo.


To Make Images More Artistic

Sometimes, you want the models to give a deep and artistic expression and yet they are not deep or artistic enough. To get the artistic expression you are looking for, you can touch up a photo and “correct” them according to your artistic taste. Retouch your photo with Photoshop is a great tool for this task.


To Get Rid of Any Defect

You should, touch up a photo, or even more of your photos, for the sake of perfection. For example, you have found yourself the right model for your skincare photoshoot. Physically, she has the ideal body posture and can pose properly in front of the camera. However, she is currently having a bad skin day. Instead of searching for new models, you can easily fix this issue by retouching the images after the photo session. You can magically wipe off all the acne and the model’s skin will look flawless.


Just like most things in the world, looking too perfect is not always a good sign. The same thing goes with photo retouching. If you touch up a picture with too many features , they will look unnatural and unrealistic. 

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To Boost Up The Level of Confidence

It is very common for people, even top models, to feel ashamed or disappointed by their original images without any editing or retouching. They might find their pictures unattractive, having a feeling of “the camera hates me” sort of thing,  and thus lower their self confidence. Well, try spending some time to touch up a photo and let them have a look at the end result. They tend to feel happier and more confident with the touched-up version of their pictures.


Still, do not overdo it. If you touch up a photo too much that it drastically alters the people’s appearances in the pictures, they will not look like themselves at all. Instead of getting compliments, you will get complaints.


If you are not sure how to touch up a photo the right way, you can have some expert photo editors to do this job. You may try Dropicts as a professional photo retouching services, one of the leading photo editing services. Situated in Singapore, Dropicts has done countless photo editing and retouching projects for their 108 active clients throughout the world.


With a goal to deliver only impeccable photos to their clients, Dropicts offers product image editing services include Ghost Mannequin Technique, Background Removal, Color Correction, Customize, and of course Retouching. Meanwhile, the company’s professional photo retouching services guarantee you to have professionally fixed and retouched images. 


In the end, the choice is yours. You are free to touch up a photo yourself if you are trying to master the skills. If you want to get the best touched up photos done by professionals, then Dropicts is ready at your service. Find out more about Dropicts and its satisfaction-guaranteed product image editing services also professional photo retouching services now!

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