All The Right Reasons to Touch Up A Photo

3 Reasons to Touch Up A Photo

Before we begin, let’s understand the difference between editing and retouching in photography as both terms are often misused. To edit a photo means correcting exposure, lighting, contrast, color temperature, tonal ranges, saturation, or even cropping some of the images if needed, to make the overall pictures look better. Meanwhile, to touch up a photo means paying more attention to smaller details in the picture such as evening out skin tones, removing any facial blemish, brightening the eyes, or whitening the teeth that appear in the photographs. Due to its more detailed requirements, it can take more hours of work compared to editing.

The bottom line is clear. Photographers touch up images for perfection. You want to post only the best looking pictures of your products, not just any average looking picture. Scroll down to understand more about all the right reasons to touch up a photo.

Why You Need To Retouch Photos

1. To Make Images More Artistic

Nailing the artistic tone that you want is really hard, especially if you are not editing it. This is where working with touch up tools, such as Photoshop, is important.

With touch up tools, you can correct and add many details that are missing from your image. You can simply add some photo effects, blemish fix, or work with digital art to make sure you nail that artistic tone that you want in your photos.

2. To Get Rid of Any Defect

No one is perfect, even the best model had his or her own defect. However, that does not mean you should stop trying to deliver the best.

One of the most common reasons to use touch up tools is to erase imperfections. With touch up tools, you can remove blemishes, adjust skin tone, smooth wrinkles, and even whiten teeth. This process is especially helpful if you are working with limited budget and cannot get your hand on a high-class model.

Just like most things in the world, looking too perfect is not always a good sign. Just make sure the edited image is not far from the real one. If you are adding too much things or altering your photos way too much, it will become unnatural and make some people uncomfortable when looking at them.

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3. To Boost Up The Level of Confidence

As has been mentioned before, no one is perfect, and it is hard to accept the imperfections. This is especially true in the world of modelling. Some even have a feeling of ‘the camera hates me’ sort of feeling. This feeling can hurt their confidence which results in a bad photo.

To help boost their confidence, you can retouch photos a little bit on the spot. For example, you can do a teeth whitening touch up, or even remove blemishes a little bit. You can show the results of little editing to your model. They will find themselves feel better if they know they can look good with only a little bit of editing.

Still, do not overdo it. If you touch up a photo too much that it drastically alters the people’s appearances in the pictures, they will not look like themselves at all. Instead of getting compliments, you will get complaints.

Touch Up Tools

There are many touch up tools that can satisfy your every needs. From free to premium tools, you can find all the tools you need online and offline.

As already mentioned, Photoshop is one of the best tools to do a photo touch. It had all the features you need to help you retouch photos. From teeth whitening, blemish fix, wrinkle remover, or even advanced editing such as colour correction, you can have all of them with Photoshop.

However, Photoshop is a premium and offline tools. You need a powerful machine to do editing smoothly with it. So, go online! There are lots of free and reliable photo editor that you can work with.

Those are some reasons why you need to touch up a photo that you need to understand. It is hard imaging a photo session without any retouch sessions. By touching up photographs, you can enhance photograph and produce much better result. There are many touch ups effect you can add, such as smoothing skin and adding teeth whiten effect.

If you are not sure how to touch up a photo the right way, you can have some expert photo editors to do this job. You may try Dropicts as a professional photo retouching services, one of the leading photo editing services. Situated in Singapore, Dropicts has done countless photo editing and retouching projects for their 108 active clients throughout the world.

With a goal to deliver only impeccable photos to their clients, Dropicts offers product image editing services include Ghost Mannequin Services, Background Removal, Color Correction, Customize, and of course Retouching. Meanwhile, the company’s professional photo retouching services guarantee you to have professionally fixed and retouched images.

In the end, the choice is yours. You are free to touch up a photo yourself if you are trying to master the skills. If you want to get the best touched up photos done by professionals, then Dropicts is ready at your service. Find out more about Dropicts and its satisfaction-guaranteed product image editing services also professional photo retouching services now!

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