5 Creative Studio Photoshoot Ideas for Your Next Project

creative studio photoshoot ideas

There are some creative studio photo ideas that you can try for the next project photoshoot session. Many people think because of its limitations, they can’t explore and find a creative angle to do a photoshoot in the studio.

In the meantime, through this article, Dropicts will share some ideas to do the creative studio photoshoot. There is no reason for you to do a boring photoshoot in a studio because you will learn some new valuable lessons here.

5 Creative Studio Photoshoot Ideas

During the photoshoot in a studio, you can try these 5 creative concepts:

1. Vintage Concept

Vintage will never die. People have an interest in any vintage theme, including photographs. If you get a client who loves vintage, then you might want to fill the studio with some old props such as a broken television, grandma’s chair, Lomo camera, to the typewriter.

Besides the props, you also need to have some backdrop or background to accentuate the vintage concept. Usually, for the vintage photoshoot concepts, people will use some retro color palette that is suitable for the props they bring into the studio.

2. Pastel Backdrop

Pastel has sweet and calm vibes for the photoshoot. Some photography likes this theme especially when they have a studio photoshoot session because you take less effort to set up the studio.

This photoshoot theme is suitable for any kind of photoshoots such as portrait and food products. You might want to bring some props that match the main color mood for the photoshoot.

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3. 1 Color Theme Studio

Another creative photoshoot idea that you might want to try is 1 color theme studio. The client or you can choose 1 main color only that matches the photoshoot concept and you need to find the property that has the same color as the background. Maybe, you can find some property that has 1 tone upper or below the main color.

As an example of this concept, you can take a look at the music video of BLACKPINK for their song ‘Kill This Love’. The scene of Lisa in a 1 color theme video can be such a good and interesting example you can try for the next photoshoot project.

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4. Cinematic Photography

With cinematic photography, you only need to play with the angle and editing later on. It’s easy to do the cinematic photography session and we can say that it’s effortless. You can do anything you want and just add some cinematic effect during the editing process.

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5. Smoke Bombs Effect

For the last creative photoshoot ideas, you can try to add some smoke bombs to create a theatrical ambiance. You can either use the smoke gun or light smoke to create this smoke bombs effect.

That’s all the information we can give you about some creative photoshoot ideas for your next project. The most important thing to set up your studio is the background and some property that is suitable with the photoshoot concept.

If you need some help with the editing process, just let Dropicts know. Our teams are ready to help you with any editing stuff and we will deliver the best result for you.

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