The Needs of Professional Images for e-Commerce Retailer

The Needs of Professional Images for e-Commerce Retailer

High quality of images can give major impact to your audiences. Visual content is simply processed differently than text. Visual communicate more information and effectively. Now, everything is being online. Starts from reading a book physically, now turning into reading an e-book.

The most related to us is, people now do like buying stuff online, rather than offline. There are some reasons why people are now buying stuff online. First, buying stuff online is really easier than you go to the offline store. Just need an internet connection and smartphone, and there you go. You can “crowd-surfing” on a lot of stuff displayed online. Everybody can see how the products, what are the other customer think by reading their reviews, easily compare prices from different sellers, etc. Second, some items are generally had a cheaper price on online shop. And the most happiness thing is, there is a lot of discount vouchers for buying stuff online. Who doesn’t like a discount? Third, by online shopping, people feel that they can save their time. Just with a few clicks, and you can go back to your main activity while waiting for the delivery courier, without going to the offline store.

If customers behavior is “everything being online,” then how prepared you are as an online seller? Besides your great product, do you have a professional image to be displayed on your online store? We all know that every online seller needs an image. Not just an images, but a high-quality one. It’s really important to help you selling stuff and turn your customers into loyal followers.

For example, if you are selling pants, a comfy pants for daily use, and well-tailored. But, if you put your pants images like the left side, did you realize that your potential buyer will think it twice before buy your product? It looks wrinkled and used improper lighting from the photoshoot. But, on the right side is the same pants. Comfy, well-tailored, and of course, well-edited. What do you think? Did the images help you to describe your product?

High-quality product images are really important to put on your e-commerce site. It will give you a professional look and will build trust in your potential buyer’s mind. Here are some tutorial from us to create a DIY lightbox. A really cheap and really easy setup to help you create professional and stunning product photography.


First, you need a box for your ‘mini studio.’ You can find boxes anywhere for free. It could be any size you want.


Then, cut out the boxes on the top, left and the right sides. Then cover it with tissue paper to help diffused your light into your lightbox (so it won’t be a hard light into your product, directly!).

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Then you can place a poster board on the inside of the box as the background. A bright white poster board that often used for product photography needs. But you can also use any color as you wish. And yes, the product is ready to shoot. It will cost you really cheap and you can create your own lightbox for only +- 30 minutes.

We can’t assure if you still will get a defect from your photoshoot. If you want to make perfect product images, you need to go through post production process like adjusting the image color, cropping it a little bit, or clean up the reflection that you got from the photoshoot. If you want to do it by yourself, go to our Instagram account here. There are some tips for you to edit your photos to be more stunning as your product.

Or… maybe you want to collaborate with Dropicts as a professional image or photor services?

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