5 Logical Reasons to Outsource Your Post Production

Reasons to Outsource Your Post Production

You’d think that a large chunk of your job is done when you’re through with snapping your product images. Surely that picture editing, product description, or product guidelines can be done later in your spare time. Or better yet, assign some new intern or staff to do it. Right?

Reasons to Outsource Your Post Production

Not really. When it comes to post-production, it’s the phase where you can pick up on the picture photography that may not seem that attractive. It seems ludicrous to redo the whole shot than to pick up on imperfections through the touch of technology, doesn’t it?

What if you’re faced with some international image specifications that you are not entirely familiar with, among others? Now outsourcing post production work doesn’t sound so bad does it? There are more reasons behind your smart decision to outsource post production work. Here are the best 5 :


Working with Dropicts means you basically have a team of hundreds of creative and professionals ready to produce amazing picture edits within 24 hours. Compare this with the taskforce you have on hands and we’re certain that you’d rather free your internal team to focus on other particular and direct tasks to churning profit.


Just like most businesses out there, there are moments of highs and lows as well in eCommerce business. Suppose that you’re handling big projects this month, but looking at a rather slow one on the next month. Wouldn’t hiring a temporary outsourcing team seem like a much convenient, not to mention, profitable solution? Avoid fixed expense of permanent staff, it’s as simple as that.


With margin of error that is less than 1%, Dropicts offer quality service that will add advantages to your product images. By Outsource Post Production work over to Dropicts, this allows you to cut down your own complex processes of trial and error and leave them in the hands of experienced team of professional editors.

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There are many elements involved in making a product image appears lucrative to buyers. The technique that is applied to one may not work to another picture. Not to mention the specifications some giant eCommerce business set that it will require different sets of skills to overcome.

This is where Dropicts works in your favor because we’re a team of hundreds of creatives who bring their own talents, skills, and abilities so that only the best product images are pushed as the final presentations to buyers.


Building your own graphic department team means spending a lot of resources such as time, money, and energy to manage. It goes beyond monthly fixed expense such as salary because you have to factor in training cost, office space, HR management, Head of Department, and the list goes on.

The truth is simple. Outsourcing saves you from all the costs with the same, if not more, benefits. Think about it.

Now if you’ve read through the list, it’s a hard fact to argue “ Outsourcing Dropicts as a professional photo editing services can be the right solution to all your problems ”.

Reasons to Outsource Your Post Production


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