How to Add Smoke Effect Photoshop In 2 Ways

smoke effect photoshop

Some studios don’t permit the use of a smoke gun in their studio. If you need to add some smoke to your photoshoot, then all you can do is to add smoke effect photoshop.

For some alternative ways, you can try the smoke light for the photoshoot. But, the result will be different depending on what picture you want to take. That’s why Adobe Photoshop can be another option that can help you in creating the smoke effect.

Through this article, we will share with you some information about how to add the smoke effect in Adobe Photoshop. You can just simply follow the steps below to get the perfect bomb effect.

2 Ways to Add Smoke Effect Photoshop

There are 2 ways to add smoke effect photoshop. The first is the basic smoke effect, which is addressed to some people who are new to Adobe Photoshop and the second one is the master smoke effect which is more complicated.

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1. Basic Smoke Effect

To create a basic smoke effect, the first step is to create some shapes. You can just create any random shapes, not just one, but two or three shapes still can work to add the smoke effect.

After you create the shapes, apply a gaussian blur to each shape. This effect will blur the shape completely and you need to do it one by one for each shape.

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When the shape is blurred, you can use the liquify filter to create the smoke effect. You can also position the shapes and change the rotation, depending on where you want to put the smoke effect later on.

To deepen the smoke effect, you can add some colors. You need to find the color filter to be able to add some colors to the smoke effect. After that, you can start to create a cloud behind the smoke by adding a gradient. That’s how you add the basic smoke effect in Adobe Photoshop.

2. Master Smoke Effect

For the master smoke effect, we need to play with the mask and layer which sounds complicated than the basic one and this is how you do the master smoke effect:

  • Upload your picture to Adobe Photoshop, then create a ‘New Layer’, name it “Mask 1”. Use the ‘Brush’ tool to add the white smoke on the picture.
  • Create another ‘New Layer’ and name it “Mask 2”, then use the ‘Brush’ tool again to add the smoke, but using black color. You can just stamp the brush following the white brush you have made before.
  • The next step is to adjust the opacity. You can make a new layer and go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. You can find the opacity settings there.
  • The final step is you need to blend the color to make it look like real smoke, not just the effect.

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Which way do you prefer the most from the tutorial above? If you still find it hard to create the smoke effect, just contact us now and we can help with any trouble you have. Dropicts offer a professional service in image editing and our teams are willing to help you with adding some smoke effect to the picture.

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