The Best Poshmark Photo Tips You Need to Know

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Are you concerned about the declining sales number despite Poshmark’s numerous listings of selling products? The problem may not be with the item’s quality, but with the pictures. You may accidentally take them from the wrong angle and cause it looks less interesting. So, here are the helpful tips to take the best Poshmark pictures!

Useful Tips for The Best Poshmark Pictures

In e-commerce businesses, including Poshmark, pictures are the main decider on whether the buyers are going to purchase a product or not. Customers can’t see the product in reality, so pictures need to be as reliable as possible. Below are useful tips for you to enhance the quality of the picture of your product:

1. Clean The Products

Buyers are thorough; they always inspect the condition and the quality of a product they are interested in. If your photo has one stain or flaw, the buyers will reconsider or even cancel their intention to purchase. Hence why, you need to make sure your products are clean and good-looking.

For example, you might want to comb the fibres of fur objects facing the same direction. You can even consider removing any dust, especially if you know the potential buyers always
pay attention to the details of your Poshmark pictures.

2. Set The Background

The background sets up the mood in a picture. It enhances its appearance as well. The safest and best color for a background is white. It is very recommended to reduce distractions in the picture and highlight your product instead. Moreover, it is easier and cheaper to set a white background compared to a colorful one.

If you think white is a bit bland, you can choose a colored background instead. You just need to make sure the color is neutral and solid: try avoiding patterns or sloppy carpets. If you want to make the product look more aesthetic, photographing your product on a fluffy white rug is highly recommended.

3. Mind The Angle Shot

There are several options to showcase your product better. One of them is hanging the clothes on a wall with a hanger. The angle allows the potential buyers to see the product as a whole and adding a calm background helps the product to stand out even more.

Another good option is flat-lay photography. You can arrange the position and garments better as well as easier in this angle. However, the plain-colored background is highly preferred so that the product is still standing out.

4. Adjust The Lighting

Bad lighting lowers the chance of getting a result of a good-quality picture; regardless of the arrangement and background, your product can appear gloomy or less attractive. Hence why, making sure the lighting of your photoshoot location is important. You can use natural light or sunlight whenever the weather is supportive.

Other than that, additional lights, such as lamps are going to be helpful as well. However, remember to arrange the light properly. So, your product will not have a darker shade
than it should. If you are struggling to get light resources, many photo editing services can assist you.

5. Refrain from Overedit

Editing is necessary. Why? Because sometimes pictures captured by cameras do not come out as expected due to many factors, including the quality of the camera and the lighting. By editing, you can adjust the contrast, colours, and even brightness to get the best Poshmark pictures.

But it is understandable to struggle in enhancing product pictures. Some professional editing apps require experience and knowledge. To tackle the problem, you can actually use
some basic editing apps, such as Picsart or VSCO, or you can just use photo retouching services. It will need less effort, yet you will get extraordinary results.

6. Use Tripods

Have you gotten frustrated over blurry pictures? It can be very exhausting to stay stagnant for a long time. Tripods can be extremely helpful, and some are quite affordable. It will help your camera to stay in one wanted place during the photo shoot.

7. Follow Poshmark’s Requirements

You may also want to follow Poshmark’s requirements for photos. The first one is the format; it should be a square one with a 1:1 ratio. Secondly, make sure your photos are original or ones that you have yet got permission to use. Thirdly, solid backgrounds might be great, but white backgrounds are very recommended.

In addition, do not forget to put any description of the product in the supposed section, not on the product pictures. Make sure your products are highlighted, either by zooming in
at a certain spot or having the clothes worn by a model.

Ready to Increase Sales?

Attracting new buyers is indeed challenging. However, you actually can get their attention easier by uploading good-quality Poshmark pictures. You can apply the above mentioned tips, such as adjusting the lighting, enhancing with editing apps, considering angles, cleaning the products, and setting the background. We hope this helps, good luck!


  • What is Poshmark?
    Poshmark is the e-commerce platform across America, Canada, and Australia that provides various products, from second-hand ones to new ones
  • How do you increase sales in e-commerce businesses in Poshmark?
    One of the ways to get more buyers is to post good-quality Poshmark pictures.
  • How do you enhance the quality of your product pictures?
    You can set a solid-color background, adjust the lighting, arrange your products, and set the lighting well
  • Is there any way to fix pictures taken in an unsupportive location?
    Absolutely! You can edit your pictures with editing apps, either basic or professional. You can even ask help for with e-commerce photo editing services
  • Is a tripod important to get good Poshmark pictures?
    It can be a good investment as a tripod will prevent you from getting blurry pictures.

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