The Best Way to Use a Grey White Balance Card for Perfect Color

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Photography is part of the arts because it can be used as a way to express imagination and creativity. If you are interested and want to go deeper into it, photography will be a promising profession. There are many techniques and terms that a photographer needs to know, one of which is a white balance card.

It is an important element for making photos look more attractive with natural colors. If you can produce good photos, clients will be satisfied with the services you provide. As a result, this will level up your reputation as a photographer.

What is a White Balance Card?

A WB card is an external device that is often used in the field of photography. Photographers will use a WB card to get a natural white color. It is because the camera used is hard to find the right white balance. Photos that do not use the touch of the WB card will appear darker, yellowish, or even orange.

Using a WB card will allow a photographer to get the original image of the object in the photo. Therefore, photographers make WB settings on the camera and use the WB card manually before taking photos. If it is not set properly, it will be difficult to correct the photo.

In order to make good use of these cards for photography, continue reading the following explanations.

Methods and Steps Using White Balance Card

Below are some complete methods with steps you can follow:

1. Set White Balance in Camera

Before using the WB card, you can set your camera to get the proper white balance. This simple method is effective for producing attractive photos.

Using the WB setting on the camera requires good artificial lighting support. Here are some steps to set the WB on the camera:

a. Select Size

Before deciding to buy a WB card, you need to decide on the size you want to buy. You can get this WB card on e-commerce in a range of white, gray, and black colors. Choose a small
WB card if you want to adjust the white balance in the lightroom. The small size is also portable and easy to carry around.

b. Determine the Lighting Type

Lighting is key in photography. So, you need to decide on the right type of lighting. Try using a strobe light for accurate color photos. To get consistent shots, lock the exposure settings on your camera.

You can use a gray-white balance card if the lighting conditions are unstable. Changes in natural lighting are normal and are influenced by natural factors.

c. Place a Gray Card Over the Image

The gray card is used to reflect the light source so you have to place it over the subject. To get an accurate exposure, be sure to measure your reference point and position the gray card facing the camera.

After setting the gray card, then set the camera. In order to get the maximum quality shots, set the maximum focus and exposure. The last step, remove the card you put on the object.

d. Change White Balance Settings to Custom

The final step is to set the white balance to a custom mode. First, take a gray color card, then select the setting on the camera “Use WB data from this image for custom WB”. To approve it, click OK.

You need to remember that the setting method above is different for everyone because it depends on the type of camera you are using. The camera will also shoot objects with a color
rendering that matches the lighting if you set it correctly.

2. Correct BW in Lightroom Using BW Card

If you want a photo shoot to be more convenient and time-saving, then you can shoot gray cards. Then use a photo editor on a computer or laptop such as Lightroom. Thus, you can apply color and correct color to photos with the custom you create. Follow the steps below:

a. Import Image

Insert RAW format photos into Lightroom by pressing the import button in the Library module in the lower left corner. When importing photos, please ensure you are importing not only the photos you want to edit but also the gray card photos. Using the RAW format is highly recommended if you want to improve your photo shots.

b. WB Eyedropper Tool

The second step to adjust the white balance card is to use the eyedropper tool in Lightroom. Click on the gray photo then choose the white eyedropper tool.

c. Sync the Photo

After completing the two previous processes above, you can start editing photos in Lightroom. Press Ctrl and click on the photos you want to edit. The photos that you have selected
will have the same BW appearance.

Press the button “Synchronize Settings” to sync your settings. You can find this button on the lower right panel. Also, you can apply this synchronization to all the photos you choose.

Have You Got Clear Information About White Balance Cards?

A WB card is one of the critical elements in photography because it will affect the final result of the photo. If you want to get pictures that are more attractive and highlight the aesthetic side, then you can use Dropict services.

Some services offered are background removal service, photo color correction, and black-and-white photos. This service will help beginner photographers who want to attract clients with their new shots.


  • What is a white balance card?
    WB card is a portable tool in photography to produce natural lighting.
  • Where can I buy a WB card?
    You can get them at camera stores or even on e-commerce.
  • How do I set the white balance?
    There are two ways that you can choose, namely setting the WB on the camera or using the WB card in Lightroom.
  • Why do you need to use a WB card?
    Unstable lighting conditions can affect how photos look.

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