9 Recommendation of Best Free Collage App in 2022


Are you looking for the best free collage app in 2022? Then, we have some recommendations you might want to try.

Nowadays, there are tons of free photo collage maker that you can try. some of it lacks some features that user needed. Some user wants a collage app that has a lot of filters, some want a detailed setup such as shadow, contrast, brightness, or even blur, and some user wants an app that can give a variety of collage composition.

That’s why, to be able to find the suit app for your needs, you can just check some of these recommendations from Dropicts. We already select some best free collage apps in 2021 based on the user’s review and you can just use it through IOS or Android.

Best Free Photo Collage App in 2022

Collage is an effective way to share multiple photos on social media. In addition, photo collages can also beautify the appearance of an image, be it through frames or other effects.

Luckily, now you can create collages very easily with the help of online applications.

Here are some recommendations for the best photo collage apps that you can try.

1. Pic Collage

The first collage app and the most used application is Pic Collage. This app gives you some classic collage grid and you can do the freestyle blank scrapbook.

You can choose the background colour as you wish. Also, you can do some adjustments to every picture in each cell.

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2. Photo Grid

Many people also like to use PhotoGrid and we think, you often hear about this app, right? In this app, you are not only able to do some picture collage but also video collage.

Do you want to combine photos and videos? Feel free to do anything you want because this app is capable of letting you do that.

This app is very popular with content creators because they can create some GIF content or even meme. That’s why this app is very popular mostly in 2021.

3. Moldiv

Moldiv is one of the collage apps that has a lot of features for its users to create an exceptional photo collage. You can use some basic settings such as clarity, exposure, vibrance, and there’s also crop.

This app has a different style from the other collage apps. Moldiv allows you to edit the picture first before you put them into the collage to get the best result.

4. Instagram Layout

For Instagram users, you can just use their collage feature from Instagram Layout. It gives you easy access to edit and post directly to your Instagram account.

The minus point of this app is it doesn’t offer you some features like other collage apps. You might just be able to do some picture collage and post it directly to Instagram.

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5. Canva

Canva is probably the best photo collage app on this list. Not only as a great free collage maker app, but Canva is also known as one of the best free photo editing tools online.

This application provides many collage templates that you can adjust to the size of the image on the social media of your choice. That way, you don’t have to worry about re-editing your photos so they don’t get cut or too small when you upload them.

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To create collages using Canva, you can start by entering the keyword ‘collage’ in the Canva search field.

Later, you will find various collage templates that you can use. Each template will have examples that will help you to create the collage you want.

To make photo collages, you can simply scroll down to the ‘Photo Collage’ section and choose the template you want.

If you have found a suitable template but still want to edit it, you can still add various stickers or other visuals in the editing process.

These are the things that make Canva one of the best free photo collage apps that you can rely on.

6. Photo & Shape Collage Maker

If you’re looking for a way to make a collage with a certain frame, for example in the shape of a moon or something else, then Photo & Shape Collage Maker can be the right choice for you.

With the help of the algorithm, you just have to draw the image you want and determine the shape you want to be your collage shape. Then, the application will cut and shape your collage according to the shape you want.

This app is not the best photo collage app on this list. There are many shortcomings, especially in terms of editing features. However, you still have to try this application if you want to create a collage with a unique shape.

7. Diptic

Diptic is one of the free photo collage makers available online. This app offers a variety of unique layouts.

Apart from that, the app offers animation features that can effectively create unique content.

8. Pic Stitch Collage Editor

As the name suggests, photo collage editor is an app that collates multiple photos in one frame. But what about videos? Is it possible to combine videos with photos in one frame?

Of course you can! With PicStich, you can combine videos and photos in one frame. You can also do basic editing on your videos, such as cutting the length and adjusting the playback speed.

9. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most comprehensive photo editors on this list. With this application, you can make photo collages and share them on social media easily and quickly.

You can combine up to 10 images at once in your photo collage. PicsArt offers a variety of interesting layouts. At certain times, such as holidays or celebrations, you will find special frames.

You can also take advantage of their stock photos to fill in your collage if you need it. Its appearance and simple use also make PicsArt a favorite photo collage maker app for many people.

Now, which collage app do you want to try first? Don’t forget to give us a review of each collage app so we know if those apps are suitable for you or not.

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