Getting Started with Photo Editing Basics & Taking It to The Next Level!

Getting Started with Photo Editing Basics & Taking It to The Next Level!

Photography is the art of soundlessly communicating through the pictures. In addition to communicating, you can also use photography to capture natural beauty or special moments in life. To take your photography to the next level, you need to master some basic photo editing skills.

10 Editing Basics Skill You Need To Know

Let’s take our mediocre or raw picture looks to the next level with a more captivating results by using these editing steps:

1. Color Correction

The first thing you can do to turn your picture into something amazing is editing the color. Color correction is a simple way to make a picture more interesting, vibrant, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

2. Clean up Background

It is nearly impossible to capture a perfect photo without editing touch. There will be disturbing backgrounds whenever you capture landscapes, buildings, monuments, or other objects in public or crowded places.

By deleting unnecessary background objects, it gives the photograph a cleaner and nicer vibe and focuses the attention on the main object. There are many apps you can use to clean up the background. Most of the apps also offer easy navigation to use.

3. Light Leaks

Another photo editing basics you can add to create a unique photograph are light leaks. This filter is suitable for photographs that are a little bit dark due to low light where a mixture of red and orange gives an artsy touch as well as a dreamy effect. Furthermore, to those of you who are into a mysterious photo theme, you can rely on this effect.

4. Dodge and Burn

You can use the dodge and burn feature in photo editing apps. This is useful if the object of your photograph is a person. Lighting conditions when taking pictures will affect the skin tone such as too bright or too dark.

In addition, this feature allows you to retouch the selected area. To ensure a smooth editing process, it would be better to use a proper brush so it can reach the selected area easily. This feature enables you to select a specific area conveniently and it also avoids you having to alter other areas that are already fine.

5. HDR Effect

Another way of taking your photograph to the next level is adding HDR effect. The appearance of color in raw photographs is usually not that sharp or even tends to be pale. There are many factors that affect it such as camera quality, lighting conditions, and also weather conditions when taking pictures.

Using HDR on photo editing will help you create stunning photographs that are fresher, brighter, sharper, and more captivating as well.

6. Haze Effect

Presenting a dramatic impression on landscape photographs such as lakes, mountains, countryside, and so on just by adding a haze effect. You can also use this effect to retouch food photography. The haze will make the photo of cooking or food look more real and appetizing.

You do not need to take a lot of effort to add this effect as it is quite easy. First, set your picture level to 160 then adjust the blending option roughly 50 – 70 % to exclusion mode. Next, all you just need to do is adjust the gradient as desired.

7. Change Photo Background

Another photo editing basics recommendation is changing the photo background. Using this feature enables you to change an unsuitable background without having to retake new shots. This can also be a way to anticipate cool shots with disturbing backgrounds.

8. Double Exposure

Creating artistic pictures can be done by adding double exposure. This effect will enable you to combine two different pictures into a single picture. One of the images needs to have a low level of opacity in order to use this effect. The low-opacity one will turn transparent and generate artistic and original combinations.

There are many concepts to adapt if you want to create double exposure pictures. These concepts include self-portrait with nature, self-portrait with buildings, animals and nature, and so on.

9. Caricature Effect

The sophistication of photo editing apps makes it easy for everyone to turn a normal picture into a caricature. This effect also allows you to change the color of the object as you need.

The more detailed using this effect, the smoother and nicer the result will be. You have to be very patient when editing it because it takes quite a long time to finish.

10. Brightness and Contrast

You also need to master brightness and contrast to make a small change with a big impact. Try to adjust brightness by increasing or reducing the contrast. After adjusting contrast and brightness you can compare to your original photo to see the difference.

Let’s Apply Photo Editing Basics Skills Now!

Those are some effects and features you can try to beautify and retouch your photograph. Editing photographs is a must especially if it is for commercial use. If you do not have enough time to edit it by yourself, it is always recommended to use photo retouching services from Dropicts.

Dropicts team offers photo editing services according to your need and purpose of the picture. Some of the most popular services are ecommerce photo editing services, social media photo editing services, wedding photo editing services, and many more.

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