Candid Photography vs Traditional Photography: What’s the Difference?

Candid Photography vs Traditional Photography What's the Difference

Candid photography is a new style of photography that is popular nowadays. Candid photography helps you to get natural-looking photos, especially when doing activities. It is also a great way to capture all the most precious moments of your life because the pictures tell a better story.

However, if you are not a professional in photography, you might be wondering what candid photography is and how it differs from traditional photography. Why do people keep taking this photograph?

This article will explain candid photography and how it differs from traditional photography. So, let’s take a look at this!

What is Candid Photography?

Candid photography is a refreshing and exciting way to take pictures. Can you imagine the combination of photojournalism meets traditional photography? Exactly! It would be amazing.

In candid photography, all the photos taken are accurate, and the poses are not predetermined, as if they are not aware of being photographed. Candid photography involves instinctive shooting by people who do not know the photo is being clicked.

The photographer continues to capture the scene without changing the location by giving instructions to the person in the picture. They capture the essence and emotion of the actual function.

What is Traditional Photography?

Before we compare candid photography vs. traditional photography, you should know what traditional photography is all about. It involves photographing people in striking poses as if they are aware of being photographed.

The easiest way to create this photo is to ask people to sit, stand in front of a specific background, or pose for a group photo. If you look at a graduation photo album or perhaps your parent’s wedding album, you will see this type of photo. Traditional photography looks staged with poses and shots corrected to eye level.

The Difference Between Candid Photography vs Traditional Photography

1. Focus

The focus of traditional photographers is the report. They capture as many events as possible, even if that means people have to repeat specific steps or face the camera. At the same time, a critical ceremony occurs, and every ceremony is recorded.

At an event, photographers are seen meticulously recording the ceremony. They also aim to cover all the items and paraphernalia of an event. They are great at creating comprehensive albums of events and people.

The focus of candid photographers is on emotions. The photographer records every event, expression, pose, and emotion spontaneously and fluidly. Photographers who take candid photos will blend in and track the people in action. In addition, the couple strives to capture every moment without a script.

2. Education

A traditional photographer focuses on covering as many events and people as possible. Therefore, it requires medium to low skills.

The candid photographer must master light, multiple lenses, reflectors, and other equipment. When a photographer is in charge of an event, they are technically trained to take everything they have to offer. In addition, the photographer will ensure the results produced are consistent.

Different lighting conditions at an event should require continuous training using new equipment and the latest techniques. At the same time, we can do traditional photography without special education. You can do it too.

3. Equipment

As professional photographers have different requirements to take candid photography, so does the equipment they use. Since candid-style photographers need to be at the forefront of photography, investing in various lenses (expensive lenses, called prime lenses) comes with the price they have to pay upfront.

For example, 1Plus1 Studio invests in the highest quality Canon cameras and lenses. They also invest in DJI drones rather than renting low-quality drones. Meanwhile, we can do traditional photography with a cell phone.

4. Editing process

Traditional photography is usually predetermined in terms of poses, locations, lighting, and so on, so only short edits are needed on the photos. Often you get a massive collection of images that are slightly retouched. Some photographers use photo retouching services to generate great results to save editing time.

Professional candid photographers, however, will usually sit down and edit the images they take by themself. They also carry beautiful pictures with good composition and color correction! Many invest in Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro so that they have full access to the best tools.

Candid photographers value high-quality results, so they spend a lot of time on color grading, curation, and another creative editing. Thoughtful and personal, those are the results they want to convey in each picture.

What Kind of Photography Should We Use?

Upon getting to know a little bit about traditional photography and candid photography, which one should we use? It depends on your needs. If you have a special ceremony, the candid style will be great to take all of the moment’s emotion. However, to capture holiday memories with family and friends, traditional photography is recommended.

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