Standard Photo Sizes That You Need to Know

Standard Photo Sizes That You Need to Know

For different use, you need to use different standard photo sizes. If you want to use the same image for your website banner and Instagram post, first you need to adjust the ratio and photo size. With this article, we will help you understand the different standard photo sizes for every use, from the web to prints. 

There are various important points that you must think about in getting a good photo standard. Especially for photo print sizes. Yes, the use of photos is not just for exhibition. It can also be used for various forms, such as billboards, photo paper, photo prints, wall decor, art prints, photo printing, advertisements in magazines, to the internet. That’s why you know the photo print size standard on camera. Photo print itself is an important thing for photographers to know so that they work better.


Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratios are not a photo size per se but serve as a comparison between the width and length of the photo. Using the aspect ratio is much easier than converting the standard photo size measures.

The tricky part is adjusting the aspect ratios for various uses. See, the look of your photo or image will be different depending on where the user accesses it from the web, app, blog, or social media. To help you with it, here are several most commonly used aspect ratios or frame sizes that you can choose from:

  • 1:1

This is a square ratio, meaning that the width is equal to the length. It’s commonly used for profile pictures.

  • 3:2

This ratio is most common for prints. It creates a rectangle image. 

  • 4:3

This ratio is perfect for TV, website, digital cameras, and prints. It also creates a rectangular image.

  • 16:9

Most people use this ratio for presentations, TV, and websites. It’s wider than the other ratios. This is an international standard ratio for TV screens and monitors.


Standard Photo Sizes for Web

Depending on the CMS that you’re using, usually, there’s already a template or dedicated standard photo, aspect ratio, or digital image size for the web contents. The rest is up to you. You need to make sure that you upload a big enough image size so when the template adjusts the image to conform to the standard photo sizes, the image won’t lose its resolution. Now, let’s take a look at several standard photo sizes for web contents:

  • 1920×1080 pixels

This standard photo size has a 16:9 ratio and is usually used for website banners or social media cover photos. 

  • 1280×720 pixels

This is the standard photo size in photography and movies. Just like the previous point, this size follows the 16:9 ratio. 

  • 1080×1080 pixels

This size has a 1:1 ratio, perfect for social media posts, such as Instagram and Facebook, or for thumbnails on your website. 

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Standard Photo Print Sizes

The standard photo sizes for print sizes are different than the ones for the web. There are various different print sizes that you can choose from, depending on where you’re going to place the prints. Standard photo sizes for prints are usually in inches. Let’s see the list of print sizes below:

  • 4×6

This is the standard photography or photocard size for print sizes. It’s mainly used to display artworks or photos.

  • 8×10

Wanting to display larger artworks or photos? This is the correct size that you need to use for print sizes.

  • 8.5×11

It’s a standard print sizes for flyers or advertisements on limited space.

  • 18×25

This is the standard size for posters, larger than the flyers. It’s perfect to attract wider target audiences. 

  • 24×36

This is the ideal size for those who want to advertise their brands on a larger scale, like in a bustling traffic. It’s mainly used for outdoor advertising due to its big size. 

Those are the various print sizes that you can choose from. Especially for those of you who is a photographer.

You don’t actually have to edit every single photo or image to follow these standard photo sizes. You also don’t need to know about all of these steps of photographs because you can try product image editing services.

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