Proven Tips for High-Quality Instagram Product Photography

Proven Tips for High-Quality Instagram Product Photography

Product photos are not limited to websites or email newsletters. With a large portion of your potential audience, customers, and consumers regularly scrolling through Instagram feeds, it is crucial for your product to capture their attention. Let’s explore some Instagram product photography tips to make your brand’s products stand out from the crowd!

Benefits of Having Attractive Instagram Product Photos

E-commerce and social media commerce have played a significant role in marketing strategies over the past five years. However, competition has become increasingly intense with factors such as algorithms, competitors, and the diverse habits of potential audiences to consider.

Nevertheless, one thing remains clear in the realm of Instagram commerce photos: eye-catching pictures spark curiosity. This is why presenting high-quality product photos can greatly benefit your brand in various ways, such as:

1. Better brand representation

Professional product photos allow you to give a more professional statement and approach to your potential buyers.

2. Help you in delivering your brand message

Proper product photography helps you effectively deliver your brand or marketing message. It allows you to define the quality and message of your brand, ensuring that it resonates with your audience.

3. Develop credibility and encourage interaction

For example, while striking product photos that showcase products from various angles realistically, you can reassure the audience about the product’s quality. It builds your brand’s identity and credibility. As a result, they are more likely to share and engage with your brand.

5 Proven Tips For Instagram Product Photography

So, how should you begin planning and executing your product photography for Instagram branding and marketing campaigns? Below, you will find some proven tips and tricks recommended by various sources. Check it out!

1. Theme and Style Consistency

One of the essential aspects of branding and marketing is establishing a brand identity. This identity is what distinguishes the brand and its products, making them more recognizable across various communication channels. The brand identity encompasses various key visual elements, such as the font, shapes, and colors used by your brand, including the specific hues, tints, and tones.

Determining the themes of your brand identity provides a clear direction for selecting the themes and styles for your photos, as well as the product photography style, and even how you edit Instagram photos during the post-production phase (editing and retouching).

Therefore, it is crucial to remember the importance of using and implementing consistent themes and styles when building your brand’s identity through product photography on Instagram.

2. Consider Your Lighting

Both professionals and amateurs should always consider lighting when it comes to product photography. This is because lighting plays a vital role in the quality of the picture.

If you have access to a professional lighting setup, you can adjust the lighting to create the desired mood for your product. However, if you rely more on natural lighting, it’s important to pay attention to weather and timing conditions, as well as the location and surroundings. You may choose a location that has abundant natural light but avoid direct sunlight to achieve better results.

3. Choose The Correct Background

The photo background can have an impact on the presentation of the subject, such as your brand’s product. You have the option to choose a background with a vibrant or neutral color, a single tone or a combination of two tones. However, it’s important to ensure that the background harmoniously complements your product and allows it to stand out, rather than overpowering it.

If you are unsure about which color would work best for your objective, opting for a solid white background is a safe choice.

4. Choose a Composition and Product Photography Style

There are various types of product photography styles that you can utilize. Some argue that lifestyle and in-context product photo styles are more effective in engaging audiences and increasing conversion sales on Instagram.

Each genre has a different approach to composition. Lifestyle and in-context product photos allow you to incorporate the product into realistic imagery with models and a suitable environment. On the other hand, styled product photography is a great option for budget-friendly product photography. It requires a few props that are relevant to your product and will enhance its visual appeal.

With this style, you can utilize the flat-lay or horizontal photo technique to create a clean photo that focuses on your product’s features. The key is to carefully consider all the elements of the style, how they align with the context of your product, and how to compose them effectively to convey the intended message through the product photo.

5. Attention to Detail: Use Diverse Angles

Buyers pay close attention to the details of the product they want to purchase. You can provide them with a closer look at your product through static product pictures.

Utilize various photography angles such as front, back, macro, 45-degree, profile, or bird’s-eye view shots, depending on the product type and the specific features you want to highlight. Combining different angles with thoughtful styling compositions will help you showcase the product more effectively, leaving a lasting impression on and convincing the audience.

Help Yourself with Professional Advice!

In addition, if you choose to take photographs yourself, you may still consider saving time and energy by seeking the assistance of professionals.

Professional image editing services, such as Dropict, can greatly enhance your product photos through various editing techniques. They offer services such as background removal services, flat-lay editing, and ghost mannequin editing, all within a reasonable timeframe.


  • How do I Get a Good Lighting for Product Photos?
    To achieve good lighting, it is important to observe and adjust the essential factors related to light. These factors include the light source, whether it is natural or artificial, as well as the use of reflectors and diffusers.
  • What Color Light is Best for Product Photography?
    There is a concept called color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin, that determines the color spectrum of the captured image. It can range from warm to neutral or cool temperatures. It is advisable to use neutral-colored light for product photography. The ideal neutral light temperature falls between 5000 to 6000 Kelvin. Additionally, it is important to maintain a proper white balance. You can achieve this by placing colorful items in the frame before capturing the picture and then cropping them out afterward, if necessary, to optimize the white balance performance.
  • What Are the Best Backgrounds for Product Photography?
    There are several suggested types of backgrounds for Instagram product photography strategy, such as color-based, textured background, realistic background and effect-based. Just choose depending on your needs.
  • How Many Photos Should a Product Have?
    Having three images is a good starting point, including a combination of front, back, and detailed shots, one of each.

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