How Plain White Backgrounds Work Best for E-commerce Product Images

plain white background

Plain white background apparently emphasises an idea of sophistication and cleanliness to customers. It also builds a sense of trust and elevates the e-commerce’s product value in their eyes. But how does the background work? Here is the complete information that you must know of.

What is Plain White Background?

Customers memorise visual content faster than written descriptions in the e-commerce business. This fact encourages the owners to enhance the quality of their image products as possible, from its reliability to its sophistication. One of the recommended ways to achieve the goal is to use the lightest colour.

Plain background represents neatness, cleanliness, and timelessness. Compared to other mixtures of colours, the white one is not going to confuse the customers and delivers a product’s value as well as its message well. Furthermore, it has the power to gain customers’ trust because it appears highly professional.

It will obviously create a positive effect on people’s mindset towards the mentioned e-commerce product. If you are unfamiliar with creating plain backgrounds, you actually can use a background removal service.

4 Reasons Why Plain Background Works

Numerous experts believe that visual attraction shall increase the sales of an e-commerce business and photos with plain white background may support you to achieve the goal. Here are the benefits on how it can help you:

1. Represents Consistency

As mentioned above, customers need a momentum to fully trust a product posted on an e-commerce business and to gain their trust, the photos must both represent a great value and professionalism. Or else customers may doubt the originality of your products.

Using a white background on every photo can help you to achieve that. When customers scroll through it, they undoubtedly will feel the sophistication and professionality. Additionally, they will not get distracted because all products are mainly focused and easy to remember.

2. Highlight The Product in An Image

In selling e-commerce products, owners must reassure the images are clear and focused on the details. They must be visible enough for the customers to observe before reading any elaboration in the written texts. If they struggle to see the product, customers may cancel their intention to learn more about it.

Compared to colourful backgrounds, the plain white one will not serve as a distraction to customers. They can observe deeper about and interact more with the item they are
interested in. Furthermore, the details will look quite premium and prominent due to the realistic appearance.

3. Shows True Colours of The Product

Capturing a photo with natural colour is quite challenging. Camera may produce a fascinating result at the beginning, but there is a possibility the realistic colours are disappearing in the process. Plain white background is capable of helping you to showcase the solid colours.

With the background, your product will be more highlighted and attractive. Remember that your customers will want to see how your products look. The more realistic the photo is,
the more customers trust your business.

4. Professionals’ Recommendation

Professionals leading the biggest online e-commerce businesses absolutely recommend a white background to be used for product images. The background ensures the realistic aspect of a product, and increases its quality at the same time.

Furthermore, you must always remember that product photos always need to be the best version in order to be eye-catching to customers.

How to Create White Background Images?

A big budget may allow you to photograph your product items in a professional photoshoot. You can also choose to use photo retouching services. However, there are two ways you can choose and get the similar good plain background images.

A. Use Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best editing tools ever. It provides plenty of features to support you in enhancing product photos, including creating a plain white background. However, the tool is only convenient to use if you are familiar with it. Even experts must study for a quite long time to master the features inside.

If you have time, do not hesitate to make mistakes in attempting the steps to remove background. The steps are fairy simple, this is step by step for you:

  • First, you must mask the background of the photo by clicking the viewing mode and the overlay option.
  • Second, you need to select the image subject through the Quick Selection Tool.
  • Last, you just need to add the whole background.

If you need to touch up the result, you can use provided features in the editing app. However, some people feel confused with the features. So it is better to ask for help from the photo editing services from Dropicts. They will definitely help you to enhance your product images without needing you to put much effort on learning.

B. Background Remover Online

If you prefer quick work with a great result, there are numerous free background remover services online. You do not need to learn how to operate any editing app. What you must do is upload a product photo on the online service and wait for it to process removing your photo’s background.

It will usually offer you the result within seconds. However, you cannot control the quality of the result. It may not look as neat as using an editing app or the photo retouching service.

Are You Ready to Attract Customers?

White background is highly recommended in e-commerce businesses by professionals. So, let’s use it to ensure the professionalism and product value of your business. May this
article help you to provide a better product image!


  • What is a plain white background?
    Background that is in white to serve the better product images.
  • Why is it cheaper?
    White background is a pretty simple method, which obviously will have a lesser cost.
  • When is it not recommended to use?
    White background might not need to be used if you want to provide another idea or concept for your customers’ eyes.
  • How do you shoot a white background image?
    You must prepare a good light meter. Do not forget to mind the distance between the backdrop and the product item. Also, it is recommended to use a seamless drop.
  • Is there any editing app to create the plain background image?
    The most popular app to create the background or any other editing attempt is Photoshop.

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