Learn How to Make A Stencil From A Picture With Photoshop

how to make a stencil from a picture

Art can come from many different techniques, as simple as the pigment of color getting splattered on any kind of surface. One of the techniques that many people use to form art is a stencil. An image will be formed when the paint is applied through cut-out areas under it. After that, This will create an image. Stencil is an easy way to make reproducible patterns of identical symbols, letters, or shapes. With the advancement of technologies, you can even create a stencil from a picture using photoshop. Learn how to make a stencil from a picture here.

How to Make A Stencil From A Picture 

If you want to make some easy artwork to decorate your room, then stencil art can be a sure option for you. Using digital photo manipulation software, you can turn any kind of picture into stencil art. Photoshop is one of those applications you can use. 

Adobe Photoshop is software used for editing photographs, compositing digital art, animating, and graphic design. It comes with professional tools that are easier for the artists to use and create their ideas to life.

If you want to create stencil art from a picture using this software, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Open Your Image

To begin this tutorial, you will open up the image that we want to convert into a stencil in Photoshop. Start by clicking File in the menu, followed by Open. Choose the folder of the picture you want to work with; after that, select that image to open it in the working canvas.

2. Open the Threshold Window

Adjust the level of detail within the image by adjusting the threshold. To open this window and change the settings, you need to select Image > Adjustments > Threshold from the menu bar. You can see the threshold level windows. Adjust it using the slider, aiming to achieve an effect where the lines remain strong- not too thin or pixelated- with a sufficient level of detail depending on the image. Once the photo you choose is on the canvas, you can turn it into a stencil.

3. Delete Any Unwanted Details

By adjusting the threshold, there will be some unwanted areas of black that you would like to get rid of, simply use a white brush to cover any black specks or unwanted sections. Select the brush tool and keep the opacity at 100%. Select a white color and start to paint in any unwanted black area. It will be best if you do it in a new layer.

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4. Cutout Filter to Further Simplify the Stencil

To improve the stencil you already made, simply head along the top of the screen and click on Filter > Filter Gallery. Then within the new window that opens, select Artistic > Cutout.

5. Print the Image

Save the artwork with the file format that you want. Select JPEG, PNG, or any kind of file extension from this dropdown menu, then click the Save button to complete the saving process. After that, you can print it with a printer.

That’s how you make stencil art using photoshop. If you don’t have time for it, contact Dropicts now, and we will help with any editing request.

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