A Guide to Taking High-Quality Product Images for E-commerce

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The digital era allows anyone to start selling various kinds of products. Selling products is also easier even though you do not have a physical store because you can take advantage of the e-commerce platform. To draw the attention of consumers, make sure you upload high-quality images to offer the products you sell.

Image quality plays an important role for those of you who run an online business. This is because consumers cannot see the physical products directly, so they need clear images to know the product more deeply. Therefore, you must know how to take pictures properly to make it look more attractive.

5 Step Guide Takes High-Quality Photos That You Should Know

Here are some of the key points you need to consider when taking photos for ecommerce:

1. Decide the Photography Style Based on the Product

One of the secret techniques for producing interesting photography is presenting a harmonious look so you can produce nuances that support the photo. To produce high-quality photos, you do not have to use professional equipment. This is because there are many smartphones equipped with quality cameras now.

You can also produce professional-like photos if you are able to explore your photography skills. Considering that photos are a communication, you must know your target audience when taking photos to make sure you convey the information perfectly.

2. Add Supporting Object

To avoid monotonous and unattractive photos, you can add supporting objects. But remember to use objects that still have relevance to the main product so they do not go out of the theme.

For instance, if you offer organic bamboo toothbrush products, then you can add objects such as toothpaste, bamboo sticks, or even bamboo leaves. Therefore, make sure you think through the concept beforehand so you can produce high-quality images.

3. Get Creative with the Lighting

Lighting is also one of the important elements in producing quality photos. Lighting intensity that is too low will make the photos blurry or unclear. Meanwhile, if there is too much light, the appearance of the photo will also become unattractive.

In order to produce the appropriate portion of lighting, you must be able to be creative with the lighting. Apart from relying on natural lighting, you can also use artificial lighting to support the appearance of photography.

4. Support with the Appropriate Background

In order to make photos more aesthetic and stand out, do not forget to choose a background that matches the product you are photographing. Apart from considering the choice of colors, you should also consider the design or background ornament that you will use.

We recommend using soft contrasting colors to produce sweet and elegant photos. Additionally, avoid using photo backgrounds that have too many details or ornaments because they can distract people from focusing on the product.

5. Keep Your Photos Proportional and Breathable

Even though it’s good to add objects and backgrounds, still make sure it’s not too much. Arrange the background and additional objects in a balanced way to produce a proportional appearance.

This will also keep the product in the spotlight. Apart from that, a proportional arrangement will also make the photos look clear and neat.

Why Is It Important to Use High-Quality Images?

Do you want your business to be flooded with customers? Apart from boosting sales and brand awareness, you will also get a lot of profit. If you want your business to be like that, then know the importance of using high-quality photos on e-commerce here:

A. Building Consumer Trust

Displaying photos with good and clear quality will be more pleasing to be seen. This turns out to also be able to grow consumer’s trust in the products you offer.

If consumers find photos with low resolution, the image will look blurry or even crack. Thus, consumers will question the product and they hesitate to buy it.

B. Strengthen Product Branding

Posting high-quality photos will also make your product and business more professional. You can also use good and clear photos to strengthen your product branding. The more consumers who know your product, the higher the chance for the product to sell well.

C. Inform Product Quality

High-quality photos are important for conveying information about the quality of the products you sell. This allows consumers to see more details. For example, if you sell clothes and you post quality photos, the photos will not crack or blur when you zoom in. Consumers can also see the appearance of fabric texture and other details. Which will resolve the consumers’ curiosity about the material.

D. Lowering Return Risk

Even though uploading photos for ecommerce must prioritize an aesthetic appearance, make sure not to edit them until the photo looks different from the original. The editing process is only to remove objects that are not important and adjust lighting that is not bright enough.

If the uploaded quality photos look the same as the original product, consumers will be satisfied. Meanwhile, if the photo upload looks much different from the product, consumers will think that you have cheated. Which will cause a bad review on your products.

Cannot Create High-Quality Images Yourself?

If you are too busy or cannot edit your own photos, there’s no need to worry because you can rely on Dropicts. There are services offered such as background removal services, photo color correction services, and photo retouching services.

Dropict is able to make the appearance of photos look more attractive and aesthetic without changing the appearance of the original product.


  • How do you know if a photo is of high quality?
    High-quality photos will have a clear appearance even though you zoom them.
  • Why should you use high-quality photos for E-commerce?
    To convey real product information to potential buyers. The other reasons are strengthening product branding, reducing return risk, and building consumer trust.
  • What are some tips for taking good photos?
    • Decide the photography style based on the product
    • Add Supporting Object
    • Get Creative with the Lighting
    • Support with the Appropriate Background
    • Keep Your Photos Proportional and breathable
  • How to edit photos to make them more interesting?
    You can use photo editing apps. However, if you can’t use it properly, then you can entrust this to Dropicts. Dropicts will edit your photos to make them look more attractive and professional.

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