Here are 7 of The Best Way to Share Photos with Clients

best way to share photos

Being a photographer requires a lot of energy. You must capture a moment, spare time for editing, and deliver the files to the clients. However, file transferring sometimes may take a lot of time. So, if you are looking for the best and easy way to share photos with your client, read the following section!

7 Best Ways to Share Photos

I know that you might be confused about choosing which platforms to share the photos. But, do not worry because here’s the compilation of the best way to share photos. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Dropbox

The first most recommended platform is Dropbox, which is available in free and premium versions. The complimentary one provides 2GB storage, whereas you can manage more than 2 to 3TB in the premium version.

Additionally, this platform is popular with photographers. Many of them use it because of the customizable access to the recipients. You can choose to use Only View or Editor access. Therefore, the file is private and only your clients can see them.

2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the second best way to share photos with your clients. It is a famous platform that you can use for free and provide storage of as much as 2GB. On the other hand, you may also utilize the paid version which allows you to have 20GB of storage.

Why is this platform popular? The reason is that it has a customizable period to access the file. Users can adjust it within one week, a month, or limitless. Thus, your clients can access their photos privately.

3. Google Drive

Who does not Google Drive? I bet you do because this platform is one of the best ways to share photos. Furthermore, it is simple, easy, and fast.

Whenever you need to share a photo, this platform provides about 15 GB of storage in the free version. After that, you can also customize the rights to Only View or Editor so that your client can access it effectively.

4. Pixieset

Next, is by using Pixieset. Originally, this platform was created only for photographers. It allows you to upload the files thoroughly and the free version is highly recommended.

Furthermore, this platform gives a protected way of furnishing excellent committed pictures with direct formats. You additionally have client-sharing choices. Clients can get
photographs with a PIN of up to 4 digits.

5. Smash

Do you want to deliver enormous size photos to your client? If so, Smash is the best alternative platform you can use from WeTransfer. This one provides a free version with up to 2GB storage to deliver photos at a big size.

In addition, the process is easy, fast, and secure. You may create a password to secure the file if your clients want it privately. Then, after fourteen days, the file will disappear and no one can access the link anymore.

6. ShootProof

Many photographers use this best way to share photos because of the practical features. ShootProof is perfect for you who want to submit contracts and create invoices for clients. It is thought about to a greater extent as a sharing stage rather than moving records.

Moreover, the size capacity is high, allowing you to upload a picture with up to 50 MB in one size. So clients may download the picture directly from their gadgets.

7. Flickr

The last platform you can use is Flickr, a place that offers 1TB of free storage for all users. This one may be the best option if you want to publicize your artwork. However, please ensure that your clients agree with the publication.

Furthermore, this platform is multi-functional because it has an online photo editor tool. Whenever you need minor editing, you can directly fix the image on it.

Let’s Use The Best Way to Share Photos with Clients!

Photographers have a lot of jobs to do, starting from preparing the equipment, photoshoot, editing, and transferring files to clients. However, with the explanations above, you don’t need to worry anymore on how to share the photos.

If you are struggling in editing your photos, you can rest yourself by ordering to trusted photo retouching services. The experts will assist you to have the best editing ever. So, which of the platforms above is your favorite? Whatever it is, make sure to choose the one that will satisfy your clients!


  • What should you consider before transferring a file?
    You need to consider at least four factors, including file size, transfer speed, file security, and the absence of tracking. These factors are essential to speed up the transfer process. Furthermore, you can divide the transfer process into two if there are the enormous files you need to transfer. Then, the process will complete faster.
  • Why do you need an absence of tracking?
    The best way to share photos with clients must be secretly delivered. You need to ensure that the only person who can access the file is the owner. Furthermore, some clients may think that photos are private. So ensure you only share the file with clients to avoid leaking it to other parties.
  • What is the fastest way to share photos?
    There is no specific fastest way to share photos. You can choose it yourself depending on the file’s size.
  • Does the best way to share photos with clients require a lot of budget?
    It does not need a lot of budget if you have a vacant space. But if your space is full, you may need to purchase another space to save and send the photos to clients.

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