The Best Furniture Image Editing Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

The Best Furniture Image Editing Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Selling furniture online can be challenging because the customers are unable to physically interact with the products. To achieve a high conversion rate and successfully sell furniture online, it is crucial to employ furniture image editing techniques to create captivating product images. This article will provide you with the best tips for furniture image editing to enhance your conversion rate. Let’s check it out!

How to Make the Best Image for Your Online Furniture Shop

Before jumping on how to edit furniture images, it’s essential to understand how to capture the best photos. High-quality commercial photography helps you to edit the picture efficiently. Here are some tips on capturing the best furniture pictures:

1. Take Close-up Photos of Furniture

Consumers have a strong desire to see the product details clearly in the photos, especially when it comes to furniture. Given the significant cost of furniture, buyers want to ensure they make the right choice for their home decor.

When capturing furniture images, it’s crucial to take the photos from a close distance that allows the product details to be visible without the need for zooming. This way, potential customers can examine the furniture’s design, texture, and other important features directly in the photo.

2. Photos of Furniture Using a Plain Background

Using a plain background can enhance the focus of buyers when observing an object. It allows them to clearly see both the advantages and disadvantages of the furniture being sold, which helps build their interest in making a purchase.

By providing a clear visual representation, consumers gain a better understanding of what they are looking for. When capturing furniture images, it is recommended to use a plain background. A simple and uncluttered background allows the eye to easily focus on the product photos, providing a seamless browsing experience for potential customers.

3. Take Product Photos from All Angle

Furniture products often have intricate details. While some items are designed to be symmetrical, others require a sense of balance. As a consumer, when you come across detailed photos of a product from various angles, it eliminates any further questions about the item being sold.

To effectively showcase your furniture product, make sure to include images from the front, right side, left side, and back. These four main perspectives provide sufficient coverage to present your product in its entirety.

4. Keep Furniture Image Simple

A simple photo can expedite the process of delivering information to consumers. Show products simply and focus only on the products you want to sell.

Giving decorations to products can make the photo appear overcrowded.

5 Furniture Image Editing Tips to Improve Conversion Rate

A picture is one of the most essential aspects of selling furniture. A well-captured view of your furniture product can significantly boost your furniture sales. Here are some expert tips for editing furniture images to enhance your conversion rate.

1. Determine the Size and Quality of Product Photos

First, you need to determine the appropriate size for the furniture photo by deciding where the picture will be displayed. Once you have selected the platform for the furniture image, it is crucial to assess the quality of the product photo.

This step is important because even slight deficiencies in quality can impact the visibility of the image. For instance, if the photo will be uploaded to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it requires extensive dimensions and high quality to avoid distortion. On the other hand, website pictures don’t need to be excessively large as they can slow down the loading speed of your website.

2. Make Selections on Product Photos

The next tip is to create a selection of product photos. It’s not just about having a single photo for each product; instead, multiple pictures need to be taken using a camera. This is especially crucial for those selling online, as product photos need to be of excellent quality.

For those who wish to perform a comprehensive edit, it is advisable to begin by selecting a photo that clearly and accurately showcases your product. Afterward, you can crop or remove unnecessary backgrounds from specific product parts.

You can use a background removal service from Dropicts, an easy and affordable service to remove the background of your photo products easily.

3. Adjust the Lighting

After making selections on furniture images, next you can adjust the lighting settings. The ability to control the lighting on the product, whether by adding or subtracting it, also impacts the final results. Excessive brightness can lead to glare and diminish the quality of the image, while excessive darkness renders the photo unclear and difficult to perceive.

4. Add Some Elements

The next tip is adding some complementary elements to make your furniture image look more attractive. By producing great product photos, you can relax after uploading them and let the pictures do the work.

5. Apply Composition

In the world of photography, there is a name called composition. Another tip you can try is on how you set the object photo. Several compositions can be applied, such as the rule of thirds, the rule of odds, flat lay, and many more. Use these composition models to make your product photos more balanced and comfortable.

Are You Ready to Take The Best Furniture Image?

So that’s all about how to edit furniture images to increase conversion rate. If you want to edit product photos easily, use the photo editing service from Dropicts. There are several exciting offers you can check out. Check it out!


  • What is the name of the furniture photo editing app?
    Many applications can be used to edit product photos. However, to make it more professional, we recommend using a series of applications from Adobe. These applications include Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Should you make a furniture catalog?
    It is not obligatory but it would be better if you have it. Customers would have access to full items and may choose their preferred products easily.
  • What is the catalog photo like?
    Catalog photos are media used to market a business that is being run. It could also promote what products are sold to potential customers. Using a catalog makes it easier for consumers to get information about the products they will get.
  • What are the influences of good product photos?
    Good product photos have the power to elevate the perceived value and selling potential of even simple items. Furthermore, product images play a crucial role in enhancing consumer confidence in the brand. Another significant impact is the ability to leave a lasting impression on consumers, making it easier for them to remember the product.

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