Flat Lay Clothing Photography: A Helpful Guide To Unique Images

flat lay photography clothing

If you have a clothing business, you want to promote your business properly. You can find various ways to promote your clothing business, but you can do your business promotion greatly with flat lay photography clothing. You need to follow these steps to make flat lay clothing photography work amazingly for your business.

Use a Table

To take flat lay clothing photos, you should consider using a table. Nevertheless, it cannot be just any table because you will need a specific table for this special photography purpose. You need to use a backlit table and it must be combined with a camera mount. You might also need controllable lateral lighting to make sure that you can manage the range and intensity of the lighting.

Use a Tripod

Next, you will also need to use a tripod for flat lay clothing photography. Why do you need to use a tripod for flat lay photography? Since you will take a flat lay image, you will need a height at which the image will be taken. Using a tripod will give the height you need to take the image. At the same time, it can also help you get a clear shot with high quality. The tripod will allow you to adjust the legs’ length to get the height you want. Holding the camera with just your hands can ruin the image because of the shakiness. This should not be any problem if you use a tripod.

Consider Lighting

Lighting cannot be separated from photography. You have no choice but to play with lighting if you want to get the best result. The mood of the shot can be determined by different types of lighting, after all. When taking a flat-lay clothing image, you might want to get a warmer and more welcoming feel. In this circumstance, using natural lighting will be a great choice. Meanwhile, you can create a moody image with dark and shadowy lighting. You might be able to find an image retouching service to help you retouch the image, but you might not need to do too much retouching to your image if you use the lighting right.

Make Creative Background

Just because you want to take flat lay clothing photography, it does not mean that you can only focus on the clothing item. You also have to pay attention to the background. If you can be creative with the background, you can attract viewers’ attention greatly. Of course it will also be useful to enhance the image result. You need to consider the theme of your product when choosing and setting up the photo background to get the best result.

Use Layers

Why should you use layers for flat lay clothing photography? What kind of layers should you use? You can create multiple layers with different properties and colors for the photo background. Your photo background will give more visual attraction. It does not mean that you always have to use items to create layers. You can also create an imaginary layer for creating an infinite background with the camera’s depth of field shallow.

Take Closeups

When producing flat lay photography clothing, taking full-body photos is unavoidable. You have to take a full-body photo of your product. However, do not forget that taking photo closeups of your product is also important. Why do you need to take a close-up photo of the product? The full-body photo will show the overall look of the product. Meanwhile, your customers will be able to know your product better with the closeups.

Compose the Image

The main goal of flat lay clothing photography is to make the clothing product look attractive. The attractiveness of the product is not only about the product design and quality after all. When taking a product photo, you have to make sure that the image composition is suitable for highlighting the product to make it more attractive. You need to find the right way to position the clothing item and the properties. They must complement each other to make the overall result more attractive.

Make It Stand

Of course, taking a product photo is not only about the way to create a beautiful photo. There will be an important value that must be delivered to the viewer. In flat lay clothing photography, you have to make sure that the photo can make the product look popped out and appealing. In this circumstance, the background will play an important role. If you want to make your product pop out, you should choose the backdrops and backgrounds with the opposite color of the clothing item. If the clothing items come in light colors, you can use a dark background.


You have taken all of the essential steps to create a great flat lay clothing photography from using a specific table to using a contrasting background. Nevertheless, you must not miss the very last step to make the best clothing product photo. Post-production is crucial and you can do it by giving the final touch to the product photo. Yes, you need to edit the clothing photo properly. You might not need to do too much if you take the steps above properly. You only need to correct the color and retouch the photo. Sometimes you need to fix details on the photo, such as light flare and tiny blemishes.

Sometimes photo editing can be challenging, but you find it very important for your flat lay clothing photography. In this circumstance, you might want to use a photo editing service to add the final touch to your clothing photos and bring the best of them to appeal to customers.

Are You Looking for a Photography Service for Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

It can take a lot of time and energy to edit your flat lay clothing photography, especially if you are not a professional in this field. You should consider using a flat lay clothing service to help you with the final touch of your product photos. Dropicts is here to be the photo editing service you can use to create the best clothing photo product. Various services associated with clothing photo editing services are offered, from ghost mannequins services to photo editing customization services. Your final flat lay photography clothing will be perfect with our special touch.

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