Empower Your Brand With The Art of Professional Corporate Photography

Empower Your Brand With The Art of Professional Corporate Photography

Can corporate photography truly enhance your brand’s power? If so, in what ways can it be implemented in your business? Explore the impact and potential of this purpose-driven photography in the following explanation.

Basics of Corporate Photography

You surely have seen at least once pictures showing an office setting or displaying certain staff or team members in a company, haven’t you? Those kinds of pictures are visual representations to promote a brand’s or a company’s identity. And that is what a corporate photo means.

The company uses them for various functions around branding and marketing of their product, service, and brand itself, both for internal and external stakeholders. The subject of the pictures diverges. It can incorporate business-on-the-go, events, the company’s headshot, office, and building facilities, into its products and services.

Obviously, the company hires headshot professional photographers to take representative shots of their employees. Moreover, the experts work as well for other kinds of shots to create qualified stock photos.

Afterward, the company uses the photos in various marketing communication channels. You can name websites, social media, catalogs, and advertising in the annual reports.

How Do Corporate Pictures Impact Your Business?

Although it may appear unnecessary, corporate pictures have a significant impact on shaping the identity of your company or brand in the minds of the audience. Rather than relying on freely available stock photos from the internet, skillfully taken and processed pictures offer several benefits for your business, including the following:

1. Storytelling in Virtual Version

As digitization continues to advance rapidly, it has become essential to have a virtual presence. Pictures enable you to convey a narrative about your company’s or brand’s culture, values, products, and services to the audience.

Compelling visual stories are guaranteed to pique curiosity and, at the very least, guide viewers toward your business. In some way, visuals accompanied by relevant stories can effectively engage your business with the target audience.

2. Set a Business Apart from Their Competitors

The impressive quality of the corporate pictures displayed through the content distribution channels helps the company gain trust to some extent. This is because clients, partners, and audiences are able to see the company from various perspectives, establishing a more engaging connection. It not only signifies professionalism but also provides an accessible means to get a closer look at the company’s profile.

3. Inspire Existing and Potential Talents

Getting suitable candidates to join hands with your company or inspiring the current team to align with its values can be tricky. However, using corporate pictures enables you to capture and shape their perception of your brand.

4. Affordable

A company can optimize the use of its corporate stock photos for multiple types of communication and content distribution channels, reusing them multiple times. Clients pay for them once but can leverage them over time.

Various Kinds of Corporate Photography for Branding

There are various types of corporate picture themes that work well for branding and promotion. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

1. Business-on-the-go

Including shots that depict a day in and around the company showcases the company’s behavior and reveals its culture. This allows you to provide deeper insights into the company’s identity to your audience and foster connections with them.

2. Headshot

Although headshots of leaders, personnel, and staff may seem mundane, there is a significant reason why companies require them. In addition to creating a positive and welcoming first impression, headshots allow partners, clients, and the audience to gauge the professionalism of the company. Furthermore, they facilitate easier identification of the person they may need to contact.

3. Outdoor Shoots

This form of corporate photography enables businesses to highlight their surroundings, facilities, or products. However, due to the unpredictability of various factors and elements, the company will need to employ photo editing services to obtain realistic yet stunning photos.

4. Studio Portraits

Group photos are ideal for formal events, occasions, or promotional purposes as marketing collateral. Photographers can explore and optimize their creativity using their tools to deliver the desired results in stock photos to the company.

Interested in Creating Interactive Corporate Photography?

Knowing the objective of the stock photo is the most important initial step. At this stage, you also need to determine the access, the type of pictures required, as well as the theme and location. Having your company guidelines on hand is essential as you will need to communicate and align your purpose with the photography experts.

Subsequently, it is preferable to find a photographer who shares the company’s values and interests, or possesses expertise in the company’s industry. Additionally, establishing trust between the two parties is vital.

Following that, be prepared to involve photo retouching services as raw photos typically require some editing to enhance the final result. You can collaborate with Dropicts during this phase to ensure your expectations are met!


  • What is a corporate portrait?

Company portrait refers to photographs or pictures taken specifically for corporate or business purposes.  The photos are normally taken professionally in a photo studio or in the company’s office setting.

  • What is the importance of corporate portraits?

Corporate portraits are not only essential for capturing the audience’s initial impression but also for expressing the company’s branding and establishing a connection between the company’s brand and the audience. Thus, they play a crucial role in helping a company outshine its competitors.

  • What differentiates corporate and commercial photography?

The differences between the two mentioned categories mainly lie in their objectives. Corporate photography is focused on capturing both the personable and professional qualities of a company, influencing the perspectives of potential customers, clients, or partners towards the company. On the other hand, commercial photography serves as a means to advertise and promote a product, highlighting its winning features and services.

  • What are the types of corporate portrait photography?

Since corporate portrait photography represents the digital or virtual embodiment of a company’s identity and personality, it encompasses various aspects related to the company itself. The most significant types include capturing the environment and surroundings of the company’s office, as well as event photography. Additionally, headshots and portraits of specific team members or staff, along with product photos, are also part of corporate photography.

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