Quick Guide How To Remove Double Chin in Photoshop

Quick Guide How To Remove Double Chin in Photoshop

Don’t feel upset anymore when you notice a prominent double chin in your pictures! There are effective methods to remove it using Photoshop, allowing you to bid farewell to that double chin. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to achieve this, so check it out!

The 6 Important Steps to Remove Double Chin in Photoshop!

It’s completely understandable for anyone to desire to look their best in a picture. However, there are instances where certain factors, such as having an excess like a double chin, can negatively impact one’s appearance. Fortunately, photo retouching services like Photoshop provide solutions to eliminate this unwanted feature that can disrupt your overall look in the picture.

1. Choose the Picture

Open the image file by selecting “File” from the toolbar and then choosing “Open.” Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the image file into the Photoshop workspace.

2. Analyze the Image

Pay special attention to the background, shadows, and lighting to simplify the manipulation process. This step is crucial to prevent any irregularities that may impact the final result once it is completed.

3. Duplicating layer

Now, you should create a copy or duplicate of the original image before proceeding. Simply click on the “Layer” option in the toolbar and select the “Duplicate Layer” option.

After creating the duplicate layer, it is important to rename it to avoid any confusion. This step is crucial to preserve the original image without any alterations. Additionally, it provides a backup of the original image in case it is needed in the future.

4. Operate the Liquify Tool to Remove the Double Chin in Photoshop

Once you have confirmed that you are working on the duplicated layer, you need to use the Liquify tool. You can use the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+X for Windows or Shift+Cmd+X for Mac.

Alternatively, you can hover your mouse over the “Filter” option in the Menu Bar and select “Liquify” from the drop-down menu. This will open the Liquify menu on the right sidebar.

The Liquify tool in Photoshop is a useful tool for modifying or correcting images. Users can use it to remove unwanted objects from the face, such as wrinkles or a double chin, by applying its effects.

5. Activate the Forward Warp

The Forward Warp tool is a function available in Photoshop for editing and retouching facial features. You can access it by pressing the shortcut key “W” or by clicking on the icon representing the Forward Warp tool on the left sidebar.

6. Work on the detail with the Forward Warp tool

Before proceeding with the critical steps to remove a double chin in Photoshop, make sure to adjust the brush details, including size, pressure, density, and rate. Once you have done this, you can begin by clicking and dragging the facial area that you want to retouch, specifically the double chin.

This part can be challenging as you need to carefully control each movement while dragging the chin and ensuring that the manipulation result looks natural. In essence, you can bring the double chin towards the mouth area to conceal it seamlessly. With these fundamental steps completed, you can now apply the following trick to refine the manipulation you observed in the picture.

7. Make a New Blank Layer

Under the Layer tab in the menu bar, choose “New Layer.” For Windows, you can use the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+N, and for Mac, use Shift+Cmd+N.

Next, fill the new layer with gray by selecting the Fill option under the Edit menu. Adjust the Fill settings to 50% gray and 100% opacity.

8. Put in Noise in the Newest Layer

Go to the Filter menu, select the Noise option, and then choose Add Noise. Set the parameters for grain according to the image size and other factors to improve the appearance of the picture.

9. Reduce the noise

The noise in the image can make it look harsh, so it’s important to make the noise smoother. To achieve this, use the Blur option under the Filter menu. It is recommended to choose the Gaussian Blur option and adjust the radius value. The higher the number, the blurrier the image becomes.

10. Alter the blend mode for the noise

Hover your mouse over the Layer menu, then change the blend mode to Linear Light. This step aims to make the noise blend with the texture of the image, making it appear more realistic. Additionally, adjust the opacity to a value between 30 and 40% to achieve the desired effect.

Interested To Remove Double Chin in Photoshop?

Even though there are various apps available for correcting or manipulating facial features in photos, opting for professional photo editing services from experts like Dropicts ensures a higher quality result. With a wide range of editing and retouching options, you can expect a smooth and excellent outcome tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to removing unwanted objects from the face area, Dropicts also offers services such as background removal, color correction, and in-depth retouching for both product and personal photos.


  • What is the free app for double chin removal?

Aside from Photoshop, you can eliminate the double chin from your picture using numerous face-slimming apps. There are paid and free versions available for operation through your cell phone. One of the free face-slimming apps you can try is YouCam MakeUp, the version available for iOS and Android.

  • Why does my chin look longer in photos?

The camera’s short lens can actually make your entire face appear wider, while your eyes and nose may also appear longer than they do in reality.

  • Is there a way to remove the double chin from the photo?

You can indeed remove a double chin from any type of photo using Photoshop’s tools and features to achieve a smoother quality. However, it is important to manipulate it carefully by following the steps explained throughout the article.

  • What app can I use to remove the double chin in the photo?

Photoshop is one of the photo editing apps that can help you remove a double chin in a picture.

  • What tool removes double chin in Photoshop?

References suggest that Liquify is a specific tool you can use to distort parts of the image. With Liquify, you can bloat, pull, push, pucker, reflect, or rotate the pixels of the image without compromising the quality.

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