What Makes Your Idea Turns Into Plagiarism

What Makes Your Idea Turns Into Plagiarism

Have you ever tried to duplicate another brand’s product photograph? If the answer is yes, be careful. You’re very close to plagiarism. If you mean to be inspired by some picture to be productive make new one, you should be very careful, because in this era, tracking plagiarism is pretty easy. As easy as how we duplicate it.

Plagiarism is already our problem since so long time ago, but it become even more prevalent with the birth of the Internet. Every country have their own law about plagiarism. They are all quite strict. Quoted from dailyblogtips.com, we can call it plagiarism if we are creating derivative works, which are based on the works of other people; Displaying copied works of others; Publicly performing the works of others, without their permission; Reproducing the works of others, without their permission; Distributing the works of others, without permission.

But we can try our best to make the inspiration stay away from the lines of plagiarism. It’s not easy but how do we know its working or not if we’re not trying to take a look to the list?

1. The Source Should be Credited

Using another people’s work for our business or existence is as worst as stealing and it’s a crime (of course). Put credit to every visual or words that we use for business or personal thing is a must. It’s super easy for us right now to find out the original text or visual comes from. It’s also available for your product of works to keep it away from plagiarism. Our works are also easy to be stolen, so please protect it with some watermarks or maybe you could put some gimmick to identify your originality.

2. Make Some Improvement From the Original

It’s not easy to have a sudden creative clever idea. That’s why some of us try to look another person, works or words for being inspired. You could put this business idea, combine it with another new idea, collect better new idea after that and on and on. But it’s also quite tricky, because some of the copy cat using word ‘inspired’ but they just change the color or not specificed thing. So remember once again, put this idea, combine it with creativity, collect new better idea and on and one.

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3. Do More for Research

Sometimes, we never mean to duplicate someone, brand or works. The idea is just popping up, but how do we know that only us who think that way? The way to find out is…. research. Because even the color can make your work looks similiar to other. It’s also happening for the graphic, line, product, marks and name. Doing research also can make you safe from accusations of plagiarism. You got more prove and data to state that your product isn’t duplicated from other work.

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