7 Wedding Photography Editing Tips for Beginner Photographers

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Wedding photography is one of the trickiest photography. It would help if you snapped every special moment, but not every moment is provided with great background or lighting. If you miss the moment, your photos will not be great.

So, you need to edit the photo after taking it to improve the picture. How to edit wedding photography? Let’s check these editing tips below.

7 Wedding Photography Editing Tips

The picture can say a thousand words. Especially a wedding picture that only happens once in your life. Make sure your wedding photography is better with these 7 editing tips.

1. Remove noise

Noise on pictures refers to small, irregular, blurry spots in photos taken in low light. It distracts from the image’s foreground, sharpness, and overall impact. It is usually
present in certain areas (particularly dark colors) in some photos or throughout the image in other photos taken in low light.

Regardless of the source, photo retouching and editing can quickly reduce or remove noise affecting the quality of your wedding images. You can also use a help from an online image retouching service to remove all noise from your photos easily.

2. Selection for the story

It is better to take your wedding photos from several angles to make sure you have covered all the moments perfectly.

In that case, you’ll be able to piece together the sequence of each scene so you can later put them side by side in your blog or photo album. A good one will include a series of wide, medium, and narrow angles.

You can crop the picture with a wide angle to get the details of your photos. But don’t crop it too much. Otherwise, the image will look cramped. It’s also nice to cut into squares 1:1 aspect ratio. However, when creating a slideshow, 16:9 is a better option.

3. Fix the appearance of wedding photography with the clone tool

The appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and shadows can affect the quality of your wedding photography. However, after a few clicks of the clone tool, it may appear that these errors never existed.

Using this tool requires a certain skill, as it can make your photos look unnatural if you do it incorrectly. Professional photo editing services will fix photos and deliver consistent, beautiful results easily.

4. Optimize contrast level

Optimizing contrast levels is like adjusting the brightness and exposure of a wedding photograph. Again, finding the perfect balance between highlights and shadows can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with traditional photo editing software that makes photo retouching radically easier.

You don’t have to drag the slider between each of these images until you squint. Brightness levels are also an essential factor when editing wedding photos. Many photos look too dark, but moving the brightness bar (or increasing the level by number or percentage) can magically lighten the scene.

5. Adjust saturation, hue, and brightness

Be very careful and adjust the colors of the picture. You can change each indicator individually in the HSL panel. Adjust the brightness if the image is too bright or too dark. The Hue indicator affects hue, and saturation affects color depth.

These adjustments are essential when editing wedding photography, where bright colors predominate in the image, especially the bride with the white dress.

6. Fix blurriness using the sharpen tool

Taking hundreds of photos in a long day, it’s understandable that there will be some blur on the photos. The Sharpen tool can help repair these images.

But, too much sharpening can make the image look unnatural or cartoony. Photo Enhancer can help to sharpen your photos to perfection, giving each one a more professional quality. Photo editing requires a steady hand and a lot of knowledge and experience in all the above areas. That’s why it is better to hire a professional in editing photos for a better

7. Use custom presets for your wedding photography

Some photographers use presets for quick editing, and Lightroom Presets are great. It’s also easy to customize. Customizing presets or creating your own can help in several ways.
Combine several quick editings with a unique look that better fits your style.

For example, you love presets inspired by movies. However, some people have weird skin tones with too much orange or artificially increased contrast. Customize a preset to suit your style, then edit it to apply the same changes the next time you use it.

Editing existing presets is easy. First, apply the preset to your photo. Then make the necessary adjustments. Finally, right-click on the preset and select “Update with Current Settings.”

Ready To Apply Those Wedding Editing Tips?

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  • What are the best ISO settings for wedding photography?
    Try to keep your ISO between 400 and 800 for beautiful grain-free portrait photos for indoor weddings. Higher can result in more digital noise (but this varies from camera to
    camera, so try several options).
  • How do professional photographers edit images?
    Most professional photographers use editing software such as Adobe Lightroom to organize and edit their images. Lightroom is a comprehensive and powerful editing tool that, combined with Adobe Photoshop, allows you to create potential imaginable effects.
  • Do wedding photographers use automatic settings?
    Shooting a wedding in the camera’s automatic mode is easy but doesn’t give the best results. You have to shoot in manual mode to get the most outstanding photos. Professional photographers usually use manual mode to adjust camera settings individually.
  • What is the best shutter speed for ceremonies?
    It is recommended not to go below for ceremonies 1/60 second to avoid blurry images. There are many opportunities to use lighting at wedding options, etc., so shooting at 1/200 to 1/60 will take beautiful pictures.
  • What is the most important thing for a wedding photographer?
    Beautiful photos can make those memories memorable, but the most important thing is to find a photographer with beautiful shots.

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