How to Remove Background from Image

How to Remove Background from Image

In this day and age, an image can say almost literally a thousand words. We’ve seen how the way something is presented might affect our perception of it. More than just our perception, but the perfect photo can also affect our most important decisions. Thus, it is undeniable to say that image is everything in this modern world. The important question we all must ask here is how we can get these images to convey the right message. Sometimes, it is not enough to present an image just as is. The image might need a little bit of improvement so we can get our message across. A little bit of oomph, so to speak. This is where image editing come in. The act of editing images can come in many forms. Most start with the simplest editing question: how to remove background from a photo or image? By separating the foreground and background, you can open new possibilities.

Many Ways to Remove The Background from an Image

Removing the background from a photo or image is one of the basic image editing things that many people requested. It can be an easy process if they take the photo in plain or white background, and it will become a difficult task if they use many elements in the background. One of the reasons for having to remove the image backgrounds is to have a transparent background, so the product photos can be placed in many different new background.

There are many ways for you to remove image background. You just need the right graphics editing software like Adobe Photoshop and the magic wand tool or Adobe illustrators (AI) and skill to do this. If you think you don’t have a skill for this, you can use background removal services. Or follow this way below.

Editing vs Retouching

There have been a lot of discussions about whether editing or retouching are the same things. Some seem to think that they are completely different from one another. But more people begin to believe that these two are essentially the same thing. So, let’s take a step back and see whether any of the aforementioned sentiments are true.

To many, editing is the basic adjustments of photos. Things that can be done within a few minutes by cropping the size of an image or increasing or decreasing its exposure. Simple things like an attempt to remove a background from a photo or image sound easy, but it takes skill and precision to do it perfectly. Perhaps, it is perceived as the most basic stage of image improvement.

On the other hand, retouching requires more delicate effort. You’re going to need a lot of concentration and a lot of skills to execute image retouching. Not to mention, the amount of time needed to retouch a photo. Retouching involves eliminating any defects from a photo and it includes removing blemishes, correcting tones, or color adjustments.

Both of these processes can improve how your product images look, so there’s nothing wrong when you do both of them.

Image Background Remover Tool

We don’t really recommend using this web browser background remover tool service since the quality of the work is not really measurable. But if you need a fast way to remove the background, you can pay for these services. Just upload images to their website and wait for the process for removing the image background.

Professional Image Improvement Service

Regardless of what they mean, editing or retouching might sound too complicated for non-professionals. This is where a professional image and photo editing service with background removal as one of their services come in. Many e-commerce business platforms or even photographers have started to benefit from this service. There is plenty of professional image and photo editing services out there. The trick is to meet the right one that will help you to remove backgrounds from your product photos and other marketing materials. Meet Dropicts, the best match for business platforms in need of professional photo retouching services to remove image background.

Dropicts is Here for Your Background Removal

Dropicts will help you raise engagements or create attention that your products need. There are various services offered by Dropicts starting from color correction, remove the background from a photo or image, and even retouching. Three steps are all you need to get your images professionally edited or retouched by Dropicts.

How does it work?

To begin, send/upload an image or set of your raw images and outline your preferences. Send us your editing guidelines so we can tailor their service to your needs perfectly. Once that’s done, Dropicts will start to process your images based on the preferences and guidelines you’ve specified. Finally, the finished products will go through a quality assurance process. In case any error is found in the finished product, Dropicts will revise them for you, free of charge! See the end result of your product images removed from the image background at ease.

For new customers, Dropicts offers a free trial of their services for both online retailers and large in-house post-production. Moreover, Dropict provides Quality Discount where customers will be given a special rate for bulk projects. So, what else are you waiting for? Head over to the website and have your images be improved professionally and beautifully!

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We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.