Photo Manipulation Services for Better Automobiles Advertisement

Photo Manipulation Services for Better Automobiles Advertisement

Are you feeling dispirited over the no result of your automobiles advertisement? Perhaps the issue is not because of the product you sell but the picture you used. It may not be as eye-catching as the real car. The solution is fairly simple and can be done with photo manipulation. Here is what you need to know about photo manipulation for a better selling.

What is Photo Manipulation?

In photography, an object sometimes appears quite different compared to the real one. There are many factors that could affect such results, including the camera used and natural light. All of them could cause a photo of an object to be less appealing than it should be. However, there is a solution to this problem, which is photo editing.

Photo manipulation or photo editing does not refer to a fabrication but assistance. Editing your car photo to be more eye-catching will definitely draw your customers’ attention and persuade them to discover further about your automobile. There are several retouching types that you may use.

The common types are removing the background, removing unwanted objects and other professional photos. If you are not interested in exploring the editing features by yourself, you actually can use an image retouching service. It will definitely save your time, yet you will still receive a magnificent result.

5 Types of Automobile Editing

Editing photos involves various features. The good news is that you are not required to use all of them. To help you get started, there are some features of photo editing that are commonly used for automobile editing. Here are the explanations.

1. Background Remove

The purpose of providing photos in your advertisement must be to grab the customers’ attention. However, the goal will be difficult to achieve if there are distractions in them. One of the best attempts to maximise your goal is removing the background by using the background removal feature.

You are able to remove any object in the background that potentially distracts the customers. For example in automobiles, the car you sell must be the centre of attention.

Additionally, this photo manipulation technique offers you the flexibility to adjust the colours and enhance the photo’s impact visually. You may even replace the background with the one that is more suitable.

2. Colour Changing for Automobiles

Sometimes, the colours of your car are not accurately captured by cameras. As a result, the car may appear quite dull to the customers.

It will be a big problem if they project the cars are exactly the same as in the photos provided. That is why a colour correction is needed here.

There are several pictures that may help you fix the colours, such as colour tones, hues, white balance, exposure, and contrast.

These features will assist you to enhance the colours of your car, so they will mimic more accurately with the real one more. Moreover, you can change the colour of the car to reduce the cost of extra photo shooting.

3. Shadow Creation

You must want your customers to believe in the good quality of your cars. However, they will be forever in doubt if the photos offered look suspicious.

This is where you need to add a more realistic touch to them by creating shadows. In other words, you will need a real-looking shadow to emphasise the cars.

Shadow creation may sound difficult, especially if you have never edited any photo yourself. Do not worry, there are actually photo retouching services that will assist you for it. So you can reduce your effort and focus on something else that is more urgent: for example, financial matters.

4. Removing Imperfection

Have you ever felt uneasy when seeing the cars show several imperfect spots? They will definitely ruin the customers’ first impression of your cars.

It may cancel their intention to know further. If you encounter this issue, there is a solution to this by using photo manipulation: which is spot removal.

The editing technique allows you to get rid of the unwanted marks and spots that cause your car photos to be imperfect. The result will definitely amaze you and your customers. This will undoubtedly have a potential opportunity to increase your sales.

5. Car Glare Removal

Glare is unavoidable, yet its presence is not helpful in enhancing an automobile photo. It causes the colour of the car to be more distracting. You may consider using low light in photo shooting to reduce the glare. However, there is an easier way to solve this, which is photo editing.

With editing, you can remove any blurriness or emphasise the clarity of your automobile in photos. As a result, they can appear more natural and not distorted.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Car Photos?

Customers’ first impression of your car photos is very important. It decides whether they want to get to know more about your products. Thus, it is very recommended that you enhance your photo through editing.

However, if you do not have the time or experience, Dropicts service is offering you a way to get a good result with not much effort. Dropicts is a trustworthy service provider that offers you professional retouching services of any kind. Grab your chance to start a free trial too!


  • What is the recommended app to edit automobiles?

There are various basic editing apps for phones and PCs. If you want a professional one, you may choose the updated version of Adobe Photoshop.

  • How do you edit cars on an iPhone?

You may choose any editing app that suits your liking, from free to premium users. Here are some recommendations: TouchRetouch, Snapseed, and EnlightPhotofox.

  • Is there any editing app that has a lot of free features?

Yes, there are quite many that offer professional features for your car editing projects, such as Canva, GIMP, and Fotor.

  • How do you edit cars in Photoshop?

Photoshop is a professional app. It offers many features to help you enhance your car photos. The features are, for example, background removal, colour correction, and cropping.

  • Why do you need photo manipulation?

There are a lot of reasons including wanting to gain more attention from your customers and enhancing the quality of the photos to mimic the real ones better.

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