5 Best Photo Editing Backgrounds for Beginners, Completely Free!

photo editing background

Did you know that there are many ways to create extraordinary photos without being a professional photographer or editor? As you can see, the professionals have to pay attention to the lengthy shooting technique and detailed editing process to build desirable photos. You can also do this by using a photo editing background application. Why is that?

Why do we need a photo editing background?

There are a lot of photo editing apps we can find to make aesthetic photos, but we should know when it is needed.

If you are comfortable with the results of the photo and want to improve the lighting, then all you need is an application to edit the lighting. In case your background photo is too modest or too busy, and you expect to modify your photos, then photo editing background apps is the solution.

Best Apps for Photo Editing Backgrounds

1. Cutout

Cutout is one of the easiest photo editing background applications and you can use it without being a professional editor. You can download this application only through Android by searching it in the Playstore. Most beginners seem comfortable using this application because it is very easy to use.

Usually, we have to be able to crop photo objects in detail and move slowly whenever using Adobe Photoshop, but by using this Cutout you can select objects easily and change the background. What’s more, if you use the application released by Glory Passion Network Limited, you can download 200 free filters here.

2. Automatic Background Changer

You can enjoy the convenience of editing photos by using this photo editing background application. This Automatic Background Changer has features that are pretty straightforward. Especially if you set the pointer and make object selections. You can move objects that have been selected properly in a new background that suits your taste. That way, you can create unique and extraordinary aesthetic photos.

Yet, you don’t need to worry about running out of ideas because Automatic Background Changer provides hundreds of beautiful background templates and other additional features. What’s more exciting is there are backgrounds available here that also have a variety of cute and interesting themes which design differently.

As an application that uses AI technology, this application also performs automatic selection on several objects such as humans, canines, and others.

Moreover, the application allows you to export images with high quality. Although, on some devices, the process of exporting images with this application can be slow, so that you need to adjust it to the specifications of your device.

On the other hand, there are many free templates for you here. But if you want to get unlimited templates, you can also upgrade to premium. Find this Automatic Background Changer application on Play Store or App Store.

3. Superimpose

If an instant photo editing background application is not your style, maybe you can choose an advanced method. Superimpose is an application that offers a more detailed and precise way of editing in an uncomplicated way.

You can use the tools in this application to select objects according to your style. In addition, this application also allows you to change any background, then edit saturation, exposure and others. It will help make your photos much more realistic.

Interestingly, Superimpose also provides an editing process with layers. You can always make corrections at every editing stage. Similar to professional editors, Superimpose can help you blend backgrounds, and apply shadows to add double exposure!

You can download this application for Android and iOS users. One of the downsides of this application is that it is quite heavy, so it will be better for those who use iOS devices. In addition, you can use this application for free but with limited access. You can experience all the convenience of editing features with Superimpose if you use a premium account.

4. YouCam Makeup

Selfie lovers may be familiar with this photo editing background application. As the name implies, YouCam Makeup is a full-featured photo editing application. The feature is not only specifically for editing faces, but also allows you to edit an extraordinary photo background. This is the reason why many people like to use this application, whether beginners or professionals.

In addition, you don’t have to be concerned about making a selection with a pointer, because this application has an accurate auto-cutting feature which is very useful for selecting photo objects precisely with accurate human detection.

More than that, there are at least 50 recent backgrounds that you can apply for free for each of your photos. You can even edit the photo background to become a blurry effect. This application will retouch your photos so that it allows you to create unique aesthetic photos. This app is available for Android and iOS.

5. LightX

If you need a multitasking application that is easy to navigate, then your choice falls on LightX. Not only can it be used as a photo editing background application, but LightX also provides various interesting offers in photo editing.

You can explore your editing skills by organizing your photos in this app. In addition to selecting objects and replacing or removing image backgrounds, you can also get other features. Add frames, text, and stickers to give a different photography feel.

Furthermore, LightX offers features that can improve the shape of your photo object, to make video editing. You can find a Brush tool feature, to refine objects, and reduce noise to give a blur effect manually.

Fortunately, you can use this application for free, but a paid version is also available with an extensive feature in it. Although this application is free you can edit as much as you want, even without upgrading it to the premium version.

Due to this ability, it is possible using LightX without having to experience any bugs. Very promising, right? You can edit and manage your photos comfortably and easily.

Ready to Be a Great Editor with a Photo Editing Background Skill?

In conclusion, editing the background is a simple way to turn your photo into an aesthetic art. Based on the applications mentioned above, you can easily access everything on your mobile phone, and it’s free! If it seems complicated, we highly recommend considering a background removal service that is ready to help up you with your photography needs!


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