Try These 5 Mirror Photography Tricks

mirror photography tricks

Mirror photography tricks are interesting information for you to learn. Especially at this time, you spend more time at home and need other interesting activities so you don’t get bored while at home. Of course, one of the interesting activities that can be done is learning photography, including using a mirror as the main medium. So, how to do interesting mirror photography tricks? Check out the following reviews.


5 Mirror Photography Tricks

In total there are five interesting tricks that you can try in mirror photography. Before you start, you’ll need to have a fairly large and tall mirror (even if you need more than one), a camera, and a few of these tricks.


1. Use Additional Lights

Have you ever seen a glass with several lights around it? With the additional lights, the photos can look much more attractive. If there is no glass with lights around it, don’t hesitate. You can still use additional lights that are directed from several sides to display different results and the model still gets the right light intake.


2. Maximize Manual Focus

Each camera has manual focus and autofocus. If you want different results, then you should maximize manual focus. This feature is perfect for lenses with an aperture of f/1.2. Manual focus allows you to get the photos you want. Maybe the photo process will be more complicated, but the results are much more appropriate. The presence of glass can cause a natural distortion effect.


3. Use Multiple Glasses for Different Effects

As noted above, if you have two or more mirrors, try creating a surreal effect. The trick is to put the main glass on the front, then let the stylish model there. Then place the smaller glass on the left as well. To get a surreal effect, you can take photos that show the visuals of the two mirrors. That way, the results will be much more different than using just one glass. Interesting right?


4. Glass & Outdoor = Aesthetic

Photography using glass becomes more interesting if you put it outdoors. Yes, that’s right, you can put glass outside, such as a garden or balcony. For outdoor use of glass, it is better to choose glass with a smaller size. Using a large and tall glass makes your mobility more difficult. Smaller glass also makes photos much more aesthetic.

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5. Experience Atmospheric Self-Portraits

What do atmospheric self-portraits mean? Taking pictures in front of the mirror, commonly called mirror selfies, is the most common. But to present a different effect, try to find a better space to take photos of at the same time. Yes, you shouldn’t just focus on yourself when taking mirror selfies. You can take atmospheric self-portraits by placing the camera further away from the glass. Finally, some parts of the room or room where you took the photo can be seen in it.

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