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Taking good results is certainly what you want. Most people think that to produce a good photo requires a new, super-sophisticated camera. Though technique is much more important than device. Taking good pictures can be done by anyone and with any camera as long as they are practiced and have passion in that field. Here are some tips about how to take good photos.


Photography Tips To Take Good Photos

There are various ways you can produce great photos for you to save or share. Some of them are 5 tips that we will provide so you can produce great photos. Include in the activity of making photos of your products. Come on, let’s get started.


1. Composing the Subject

One of the basic and principal photography tips is composition. Composition is the basic thing in photography. It is about how we place objects in the photo area. Object placement is very common for some beginners, namely placing it in the middle of the photo area.

Try something different by not placing it in the centre. You can create imaginary lines or grid lines that divide the photo area vertically and horizontally each three parts. Place the photo subjects on the outer third of the grid. It can strengthen the dynamic impression of the photo, this method is better known as the rule of thirds.

Also make sure to check the surrounding for any distracting elements. Adjust your composition accordingly to make sure you can capture your subject in the best possible way to capture a striking image. Use either landscape and portrait mode accordingly.

A good understanding of space is also important. Simply put, it space is about how crowded your composition is. Having an empty space, or negative space, can help your subject stand out and breath. However, packing your photograph with objects and detail can help you image to be powerful and easily catch people’s attention. Use both concept accordingly to capture photos better.

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2. Carefully Adjust Your Shot

Don’t let your photos get distracted by a messy background, which will make your photos look bad. Get rid of any unnecessary background element that can be distracting. For example you can avoid displaying the tree that is growing overhead as a background. You can avoid this by changing the direction of the photo shoot so that it produces better photos and is not messy.


3. Position the Camera in The Eye Level

As much as possible, avoid shooting while standing against a subject that is lower than you. For example, when photographing small children, you should take the photo in a squatting position so that the camera is at eye level. It can create a better picture, and the eye can be more live if you try talking with the model.

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4. Take Advantage of Flash

Sometimes, you just do not have enough natural light, especially if you are shooting indoors. In some situations, camera’s flash can improve the quality of the photos you take. You can take advantage of camera flash in shots taken during the day to overcome the shadows that appear on annoying human photo subjects under the nose or eyes.


5. Try an interesting angle

Don’t just focus on taking photos in one particular angle. You can experiment with taking different shooting angles. Look for a place that allows you to be in a higher or lower position. You can use a chair or ladder for a higher shooting angle, or lie on the floor for a lower angle of the photo. This variation of shooting angles can make it easier for you to be able to determine the best photo between them.


6. Frame Your Shot

One of the most important photography tips that people often forgot is to take notes of your surrounding before taking photos. This can help you to find a great composition or angle, and finding natural objects that can be used as a frame. To better understand this, you need to understand framing first.

Framing is another technique that helps you take professional photos. It involves finding something that allows for a naturally formed structure for one’s work. Some examples of doorways include some leaf litter or holes on a wall.

For subjects that require close inspection by manual focus and with manual zoom you can keep a piece inside of the focus. This ensures it doesn’t distract attention from the focal point. Likewise when the scene is close by the camera that can enhance the background layer.

If you are into phone photography, framing is one of the photography skills to master if you want to capture great pictures with your smartphone camera. With good framing, you can even compete with pictures that are taken using professional camera.


7. Put Some Thought into Perspective

New photographers often think that what makes a good picture is an interesting subject. While that is true, there are still many things to consider. Having an interesting subject is often not enough to create a good picture. A great photo is created through the combination of interesting subject and perspective among many other things. In fact, what makes a subject interesting depends on the perspective you choose.

When taking pictures, adjusting the angle from where you are shooting can change the feeling in your pictures completely. A bird’s-eye view can make the person appear small while shooting from above will make it look like a person is standing over you now.

Don’t be shy of exploring your topic to find interesting angles or see how dramatically this changes the mood of your composition. Changing a perspective can also alter the light source of your photograph which can make all the difference and produce a whole new images.

When experimenting start taking as many photos as you can to find that sweet spot angle. Learn as many thing as you can about perspective. There are lots of free resource that you can use to learn online.

You can also start working on your photography by taking some photos professionally. Then, whenever you make a shot keep your mind focused on perspective. Don’t be afraid of wandering into your subject with interesting angles.


9. Avoid Digital Zoom

To create stunning photos, you can be tempted to use digital zoom feature provided by your digital camera if you are using one. Sometimes you just want to make sure you want to take a particular feature or detail that can only be captured up close.

However, it is better to discard that idea quickly. Instead of using digital zoom, try to move closer or find out how close you’re to your subject unless it’s a wild animal which would encourage you to keep your distance. This doesn’t compromise on the photo’s quality or it’s much easier to manipulate your picture or to optimize your image than zoom it.


10. Create Depth in Your Photos

Most photographs look better when they are able to convey depth in your composition. Compose your image so that the line leads out of the background into distance. Why depth is important? Because through depth, you can draw the viewer’s eye into a scene. By drawing viewer’s attention and eye into a scene, you can help viewer’s to enjoy your photos. This is especially effective in landscape photography.

So how do you create depth? You can create depth in your photos by using what is called leading lines. With leading lines, you can separate your image into section such as background, middle ground, and foreground. Foreground is the closest place to your camera while background is the farthest and middle ground is located between your foreground and background.

Also you can add something in the background, in the foreground or ‘mid ground’ as the background. Never underestimate the power of compositions to a photographer. Creating a depth is also one of the skills to master if you want to make your smartphone photography looks stunning.


11. Go Remote with a Shutter Button

Remote shutters are pocket-able, cheap, and connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Some Android smartphones include an included stylus designed to double as an opaque button for the remote shutter. The shutter button is available when available in your pocket or a handbag during the shooting process.

Using a shutter button can also help you to avoid blurry results. Sometimes, you can cause a little shake to your camera when pressing the shutter. With the shutter button, you can minimize the shake and take better pictures.


12. Pick Up a Tripod

A tripod lets you practice different photography techniques without removing your tripod. It helps you take photos on camera while you are still holding your camera ready. Moreover, it won’t cost a lot of money to get a really good tripod.


13. Get Your White Balance Right

The WB reflects everything in your pictures that has a black-and-white appearance. Mastering WB is what separates professional photographers and an amateur whom are unaware of the problem. It’ll help increase efficiency dramatically in the final product. This one way can differentiate you from others who know nothing of it. Mastering the WB separates the image from others who don’t understand how to shoot indoors or use Flash ad hoc in photos. It is important to learn how cams work.


14. Use Light to Create Interesting Effects

You can also use light in an assortment of interesting ways, which can completely change the mood for photos. Shooting in areas or periods with great light and shadows can create a great picture with lots of contrast.

Try shooting in front of a bright light like setting sun and manually alter your camera settings to ensure all you’re left with is a dark silhouette on a background of light. Shoot at the hardest light. Find stuff that cast intriguing shadows on the scene such as window blinds or fence but catch those shapes or patterns created by the shadows.


15. Choose The Right Camera Lens

Newcomer photographers might be overwhelmed by the amount of camera lens that they can choose. It seems that there are lens for any occasions. Indeed, there are certain field of photography that require you to use a certain camera lens, such as telephoto lens in sports or wildlife photography, to help you take good pictures.

For people who only use camera phone, this can be the limit of their phone photography. However, you can always resort to additional camera app to take better pictures without the help of additional lens.


16. Utilize Burst Mode

Burst mode is feature that can help you to capture a fast action moment happening before your eyes. Simply hold your shutter to capture all the moment you need. This is especially helpful if you are into sports photography where action can unfold quickly and you need to capture the moment quickly before it ends.


17. Use Photo Editing Software

Nowadays, being a good photographer is equal to be a good photo editor. Why? Because retouching and and editing can help you to create crisp images. You can easily find free and paid tools to help you do this with Photoshop being the most famous example in the list.

One of the things that you need to pay attention when learning to edit your photo is image quality. The higher the image quality, the more space it takes to store it. If you truly want to preserve all you picture in the highest quality for your image, you can opt for online storing services to save your computer’s space.

Those are some tips photography tips on how to take good photos. Whether you are using professional or phone’s camera, you can always take good pictures. Never stop learning is the key: start experimenting to get insight as much as possible. Train your skills, learn the fundamentals, and you will be soon have your own sense to take a better pictures.

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