Photography Tips: How to Take Aesthetic Pictures

how to take aesthetic pictures

Every photographer needs to know how to take aesthetic pictures. Editing won’t always give a satisfactory result and you need to be able to get a real aesthetic picture. The question is, how?

To get the aesthetic pictures, you need to master some skills and that’s what you will get from this article. Below, you will get some tips from Dropicts about how to take aesthetic pictures.

5 Tips on How to Take Aesthetic Pictures

There are 5 things you need to know about how to take aesthetic pictures:

1. Pick A Concept

The first thing you need to do is pick a concept. What concept is popular nowadays? What kind of color palette has become the trend in social media especially for Instagram Feed? What filter has been used the most in the year?

Deciding on a concept before taking a picture will help you with the preparation you might need. You can have a head up on what is the best to take the aesthetic pictures.

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2. Use Natural Light

Natural light never fails to give the aesthetic pictures we are looking for. Over-lighting or over-editing will turn your pictures bad and don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

To get the natural light, it will be best if you do the photoshoot during the golden hour when the sun is set up or about to rise. Otherwise, you can try to do the morning photoshoot around 9 o’clock if you want more light.

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3. Don’t Over-editing

There are some mistakes people make when it comes to the editing process. When they see a picture that looks too dark, they immediately increase the brightness or contrast and that’s wrong.

Beautiful pictures are about natural look and composition. You don’t need to over-editing it. The editing process is still needed to do the touch-up like color correction or cropping. Other than that, you don’t need to add any effect to make the pictures look aesthetic because it doesn’t work.

4. Be Creative with Angles

As a photographer, the angle is key to getting aesthetic pictures. You need to be creative in finding the right angle where you can get a different point of view.

Usually, most aesthetic pictures get taken from a low angle rather than a high angle. You can try to take both of the angles to learn the difference and find the comparison.

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5. Focus on Details

The last thing you need to do in taking the aesthetic picture is to focus on the details. If you are going to take an objective picture, focus on the detail of the object. For the model, you can try to focus on some parts of the body such as eyes, hands, legs, heels, and many more.

Details can point out the message you want to convey through the images. Every single detail can be the aesthetic part and you don’t want to miss it.

That’s all the information we can give you about how to take aesthetic pictures and if you need help with the editing process, just let Dropicts do the job. Dropicts can help you with any editing request and we will give the maximum result of every picture you have taken.

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