Let’s Learn How To Restore Old Polaroid Photos and Digitize It

how to restore old polaroid pictures

Polaroid cameras are widely chosen because they can capture moments by printing them directly. But we know that polaroid photos don’t have memory files that can save the pictures taken. As a result, when a polaroid photo fades away, all the moments we’ve been trying to save will disappear. Maybe you are asking, “so how to restore old polaroid pictures?”. We’re glad you asked! We will try to explain how to restore it and save it digitally

How to Restore Old Polaroid Photos?

Sadly, there’s no way to fix and restore old polaroid photo directly. If it has yellowed and faded, there are no chemical compounds that can make a polaroid photo like the original image. Especially if your old polaroid photos have been ripped. But you can try repairing a damaged polaroid photo by digital restoration. How? Take a look at the following points:

1. Prepare The Tools

First thing first, you need to prepare your scanner and photo editing program. You can print the same photo with these tools and the result will be as good as new. What scanner can be used? Well, any scanner should do. Whatever scanner you have in your house, use it.

Before scanning a polaroid picture, ensure that your scanner set to the proper photo setting. You can set it for the highest resolution. Different scanners also have different settings. You should see the scanner’s manual and set it according to the type of scanner available.

2. Editing Steps

Here are some steps on digital photo editing techniques you can try: 

  • Scan the photo with your scanner into the computer and save it as a JPG file. 
  • Open the photo editing software, such as Photoshop, and the scanned photo.
  • Select the “clone or rubber-stamp tool” that is shown in the mini tool bar. You can search for the name or stamp shaped icon. 
  • Click the photo area that is similar to the spot you want to repair. For example, if a photo has a ripped part on the sky, set your cursor to an undamaged spot that is closest in appearance to what you are going to repair. 
  • Click again but in the other spot that you want to repair. This will make an exact copy of the area you selected. 
  • Use this technique until all damaged areas have been repaired. And then your photo is good to go.

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3. Print the Photo

The restoration process is almost done. Next, you just need to save the digital copy and print it out. You can do all the process again to all the photos that have been damaged, then make it new again. 

How Do I Convert Polaroids Into Digital Photos?

Before it gets damaged, you can start to save polaroid with multiple apps and hardware digitally. Some apps that can be used from your phone are The Notes, Google Photo Scan, and Polar. Some hardware you can use, such as Flatbed Scanner. Here are the steps to digitize your polaroid: 

1. Google PhotoScan

Google Photoscan is an application released by Google, where this app helps convert polaroid photos to digital easily. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the app and open it once the download process is done. 
  • Wait for the camera’s interface to open. Take the polaroid photo you want to digitize. 
  • Place that polaroid photo on the flat surface with good lighting. 
  • Adjust the polaroid to the frame on your phone screen. Adjust the polaroid with round, white circles and dots that are shown. 
  • Wait a second for the app to process the image. In this process, the app will automatically crop and enhance the image. 
  • Once it’s finished, you can click the save option for saving it to your gallery.

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2. Use Flatbed Scanner

If you have a flatbed scanner, then the result of your digital polaroid image will be like the original one. This hardware may be a bit expensive if you want to buy one, but the result will be fantastic.

To get the highest quality digital pictures, you’ll need to learn how the scanner works. Additional hardware such as a scanning adapter will boost your quality picture. But without this, you still can get enough quality digital images of your polaroid photos. 

Why Do Polaroid Pictures Fade?

Polaroid photos have the classic impression that makes them loved by many people. The longer the polaroid image is taken, the more vintage the photo will be. But actually, this is a warning to you that the photo is starting to fade. The causes of polaroid photo damaged also are various. Take a look at the following causes:

1. Directly Stored in a Stuffy Place

Did you know that once a polaroid photo is printed, you shouldn’t immediately store it in a stuffy place? We recommend you to store it in a place that still provides air circulation for your polaroid photos. Polaroid photos should be dried for at least 30 days. This needs to be done so that all the chemicals contained in the polaroid photo can dry properly.

2. Polaroid Photos Exposed to Too Long Sun

Polaroid photos, as we know, are made of various chemicals and not ink. So when a picture is printed on a polaroid sheet, the light will make these chemicals react and produce the image being photographed. Polaroid will also react to the sunlight and make it fade quickly.

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3. Extreme Storage Temperature

Polaroid sheet photos also react to the temperature at which you store them. If stored in temperatures that are too humid or too hot the polaroid photos will be faded. If the temperature is too extreme, polaroid photos can be damaged quickly.

4. White Polaroid Edge Cropped

Polaroid photos have been designed with a purpose. The white part is useful for keeping the photo sheet inside to a long-lasting image. The white part was made to protect it so that air does not enter it and affect the polaroid photo sheet.

5. Touching the Center of the Photo Too Often

Our hands can naturally absorb dirt such as dust and oil. If you touch the photo frequently, the polaroid photo will be damaged and yellowed.

It’s easy, right? In general, you need to bring proper equipment when you want to restore the polaroid photos that you loved.

That is how to restore old polaroid pictures in simple steps. If you need additional touch ups from a professional to make the pictures better, Dropicts can do it for you. Do not hesitate to contact us when you need any help regarding photo editing. Visit our services for more information about our services.

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