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How To Make Strong Social Media Brand | Dropicts

How To Make Strong Social Media Brand

We are now so lucky having all of the futuristic technology and surrounded by the easiness. One of the best gift that this era gives for us. It’s social media. So many people and businesses is now active on social media. Which is, good. But again, it’s very tricky to grab the attention.

Most of people think that we need viral hit to stand out and grab the attention from netizen. But, no, we don’t. We don’t necessarily need to be controversial and cause any uncommon issues to be famous.

So,in this post, Dropicts as a professional photo retouching service, and as the best partner for your brand have several ways to be announced about how to make your brand stands our in social media and gather the goods from netizen, also being the ‘money source’. Here we compile 5 things that you can do to make your brand stands out shines bright!

1. Give Your Brand a Theme

Theme is one of the important thing that sometimes we forget. Theme makes us different than the other and give our audience reason why they need to stay on our feed. Theme is including a distinct color palette, filter and mood. It’s also about the strong message that the brand always want to share. So, we have a question for you? What do you want for the audience to think about you? Is it a cheerful candy theme? Or a warm flowery theme? Or… maybe something uncommon? You choose.

2. Tell A Story

Story makes yourself being alive. The story is told through the visual and text that your brand always want to share. Story makes your brand felt so personal, intense and deep. But don’t forget to get creative for the explaination. The strong messages come from a strong visual and text. So, be yourself and spread it!

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3. Maximize Network Tools and Platform

Any platform of social media are giving us many plus and extra privilege into many type of feedback. Dive into how each network operates and explore features like Twitter polls, Twitter lists, multiple image posts, Live videos, Instagram Stories and Live Stories on instagram and whatever other tools might be at your disposal for a specific social media network.
These feature is available for us to be used in any purpose and strategy. Start checking your application update, they will let you their improvement on the first place!

Are they easy enough for you? We’re open to discuss, so… good luck!

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