Ghost Mannequin Vs Model: Its Advantages for E-commerce Images

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Clothing line is a promising business because fashion trends never die. Clothing is a basic and tertiary need to improve appearance that a lot of people think is a compulsory need. To make it easier for consumers to buy it, you can sell it on E-commerce. Be sure to post eye-catching E-commerce images to attract consumer interest to buy it.

The bottom line of running a clothing line is knowing how to take pictures based on the fashion item. Certain types of fashion items go well with ghost mannequins, while other items are more perfect with models. But how to decide that?

Benefits of Using Ghost Mannequins Vs Models for Clothing Line Photos

If you are still struggling to choose whether to use ghost mannequins or models for your business, check both of the benefits to know more. You can compare the benefits of both so you can choose the right one for your business needs.

Advantages of Ghost Mannequins

Here are the advantages of using a ghost mannequin that you can consider:

1. Consumers Can Understand Products Better

Displaying product photos using ghost mannequins will enable consumers to have a clear understanding of the product. This is because consumers can see the dimensions, color, texture, and how to use it.

Consumers will definitely consider these points before deciding to shop. They make this consideration because they cannot see the clothes directly like when buying at an offline store. Therefore, using ghost mannequins for E-commerce images will give consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

2. Shows Each Part of the curve

Ghost mannequins allow you to show off every curve on a shirt in detail. This will certainly make the image more attractive so consumers are tempted to buy it. Consumers get a clear visual picture so they can imagine the clothes sticking perfectly to their bodies.

3. Easy and Fast Styling

You can dress up a mannequin easily and quickly to create an enchanting look. Ghost mannequin also allows you to create 3D photos. You can take pictures from any angle so you can present detailed product image information.

Taking pictures of ghost mannequins can be done easily and quickly. Next, you only need to retouch to enhance the appearance of the photo.

4. Enhance Product Appearance

In order to present a clear product image, you can remove mannequins and other unnecessary objects. The purpose of this is to take photos to the next level. It will also make the photo focus more on the product.

5. Provide Transparency and Clarity

The key to success in running an online business is gaining the trust of consumers. You can build this trust by providing transparency and clarity in product photos. Using ghost mannequins allows you to display premium quality E-commerce images.

If the product photo looks clear and convincing, of course consumers will buy your product without hesitation.

6. Cost Effective

You need to consider all the costs in order to get good profit margins in running a business. The advantage of using ghost mannequins is that it saves on overall costs. This is
because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get premium quality product photos. You can also allocate the money for business capital.

The Advantages of Using a Model

After knowing the benefits of using ghost mannequins, you should also know the benefits of using a model:

A. Making Products Look More Real

A model is able to make the appearance of clothes or other fashion items seem more relatable. Consumers can imagine more realistically what the clothes will look like if they wear them. Especially if the consumer’s body size is almost the same as the model’s body size using the sample product.

B. Garment Character More Visible

An interesting advantage of using models for E-commerce photos is that they strengthen the visibility of materials. Photos that show the character and features of the garment will make it easier for consumers to measure the quality of the materials. You can’t get this clear material look with ghost mannequins.

C. Time Efficient

You can save more time if you choose a model for your E-commerce images. This is because you can display many products at the same time. For example, if you sell all kinds of fashion needs, models can use clothes, pants, belts, bags, hats, glasses, or even other items.

Furthermore, you only need to provide a code for all the items worn by the model. Add a complete description of each code in the description column or you can direct consumers to click on another page. Therefore, this will make it easier for consumers who are attracted and want to buy it.

D. Increase Product Value

The presence of a model can show and increase the value of a product. Professional models understand poses that can support product displays.

Especially if you use a well-known model, it will be easier for consumers to trust and consider the products you offer. The increase in the value of this product will lead to an ever-increasing sales progress as well.

Have You Decided Which Option You Will Choose?

Overall, both types of photos offer their own advantages. You can consider these advantages to see which one is suited to your business needs. In addition, remember to consider the cost factor because if you use the model you have to spend more money.

In order to enhance the appearance of the photo for e-commerce, you can contact Dropicts. It offers photo editing services and image retouching services that will be done professionally.


  • What are E-commerce ghost mannequins and model photos?
    Both are types of photos used as product displays on online stores. Ghost mannequin, which is using a mannequin and then needs editing. While the model is a person who demonstrates fashion.
  • What are the advantages of using a model vs ghost mannequin?
    In general, both of them can give consumers a real picture of the products on display.
  • How to beautify E-commerce images?
    Contact a professional photo editing service like Dropicts because they can make raw photos look more aesthetic and professional.
  • Why do you have to use a model vs ghost mannequin for E-commerce display photos?
    Premium quality photos can build consumer trust. Also, it gives a professional and trusted impression.

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