The Best Way to Display Apparel Products with Ghost Mannequin Effect

The Best Way to Display Apparel Products with Ghost Mannequin Effect

Have you ever come across an apparel product image that showcases a realistic shape without a mannequin or model wearing it? Such a captivating visual is achieved through a specific photo editing and retouching technique known as the ghost mannequin effect.

Businesses often opt to enlist the services of professional image editing vendors, particularly if they lack in-house expertise. Let’s learn this technique and its significance further here.

What is the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Primarily utilized in apparel product photography, the ghost mannequin effect is a post-production process that eliminates any visible traces of the mannequin used during the photoshoot.

This technique involves editing both the exterior and interior parts of the clothing or apparel to achieve a final 3D appearance of the product. It is also commonly referred to as the invisible mannequin or hollow man effect.

Types of Ghost Mannequin Manipulation

Apparel and fashion products come in a wide variety of types. When it comes to fashion product photography, each type often requires a specific touch during the editing or retouching process. Therefore, when it comes to ghost mannequins, there are also several types of services that you can request to an image editing provider.

1. Bottom Joint

Certain types of clothing require specific retouching techniques to effectively showcase the backside of the product. The bottom join service is designed to cater to this need, especially for apparel such as activewear, tuxedos, blazers, and coats. It involves combining two pictures into a single image, creating a holistic view that provides a complete product preview.

Additionally, this service involves removing the lower half of the mannequin to eliminate any unnecessary objects from the image. The end result showcases the bottom part of the garment in a more enhanced and accurate manner.

2. Neck and Shoulder Joint

When photographing apparel products using mannequins, gaps can appear once the mannequin is removed, resulting in an incomplete look. To address this issue, multiple shots need to be taken from different angles for certain products like shirts, low-cut blouses, jackets, and dresses.

These images are then joined together to eliminate any gaps and create a seamless view of the product, particularly when the neck and shoulder areas are removed. This technique ensures a cohesive and complete presentation of the garment.

3. Sleeves Joint Service

In e-commerce, customers expect to see products realistically and comprehensively. This means that every small detail, such as sleeves, should be clearly visible in the product image.

To achieve this, a professional retoucher can remove the mannequin hands from the sleeves or add sleeves as needed. The goal is to ensure that the product is perfectly presented
and all its features are perfect for an e-commerce image.

4. 3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

The 3D effect adds a sense of realism to the product image by providing a full rotation view and volume. Potential customers can get a preview of how the product would look on them virtually. This is one of the intriguing aspects of the ghost mannequin service, as it allows customers to envision themselves wearing the product.

7 Stage Elements That You Need To Aware Of

Although the ghost mannequin process occurs during post-production in photography, it is essential to carefully prepare for the shoot to facilitate a smoother photo editing service. The following elements are crucial to set up in order to optimize the quality of the final image result.

1. Location

Usually, a single-color background is preferable for creating product photography for e-commerce platforms. Therefore, if you plan to shoot outdoors, choose a location with a suitable light temperature and ambiance, and ensure the weather is calm (not windy).

Alternatively, an indoor location is preferable, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be spacious. Just ensure that it has a corner where you can properly place all the necessary tools and equipment.

2. Background

Using walls as the background will suffice. However, since this is also a critical aspect, ensure that the background is neat and tidy. You also have alternatives, such as using backdrops with diverse designs, materials, or colors according to your preference.

3. Mannequin

Consider the following factors when choosing a mannequin: body structure, arm lengths, shapes, sizes, types of apparel, female or male figure, and stature. A white-colored mannequin works better for ghost mannequin shoots as it won’t reflect lights or colors. Additionally, choosing a mannequin with adjustable body parts will make the work easier for you.

4. Outfits

You should ensure the product is neat without any unnatural wrinkles, clean, and free from defects. Afterward, adjust the product to fit the mannequin using cloth clamps, pins, and tape clips.

When arranging the product, make sure every line from the neck, shoulder, and sleeves to the body parts is balanced and symmetrical. So you can visibly showcase every detail and feature of it.

5. Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting, whether you choose artificial or natural lighting. Make sure you have at least one obvious lighting source, along with a reflector and diffuser on hand for the shoot.

6. Camera

Optimize the functionalities of your camera, including the aperture, color space, exposure, and ISO, as well as the shutter speed. The angle and position of your camera are also essential.

7. Types of Shoots

You need to experiment in order to find the right setup and arrangement for the quality you need. Remember to try different angles, including the front, back, and sides of the product, as well as the interior and exterior. Pay attention to highlighting the features and details of your product as well.

Which Type of This Effect is Better for A Product Display?

Looking at the explanation, the 3D ghost mannequin effect provides a better image for product preview. It not only highlights the detail of an apparel product but also provides the product’s dimensions, making it appear more real.

However, executing this effect can be challenging in terms of time and energy. That’s why Dropicts offers professional ghost mannequin services, delivering high-quality results in a short time. With less effort, apparel and e-commerce businesses can present a simple yet authentic view of the product to their customers. This brings stylish and professional imagery that effectively represents the brand.


  • What is the Ghost Mannequin Service?
    The Ghost Mannequin Service is a professional image editing service that specializes in creating a seamless and realistic appearance for apparel products. It involves the removal of mannequins or models from clothing images, leaving behind only the product itself.
  • What are the Benefits of a Ghost Mannequin?
    The Ghost Mannequin technique offers time efficiency compared to using a model, as there is less post-production work involved in editing and retouching. It also simplifies the styling process, allowing for quicker turnaround times. By employing this effect, you can enhance the focus and quality of your product in the resulting images. The absence of a mannequin or model creates a cleaner and less distracting appearance, which increases the persuasiveness of the visuals for potential customers.
  • Why Use Ghost Mannequins for Apparel Websites?
    Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a suitable model to effectively showcase your product, or a mannequin may not appear as appealing in the pictures. In such cases, the ghost mannequin effect provides a solution to these common issues in presenting apparel products.
  • What is the Difference Between Ghost Mannequin Effect and the Model?
    There is a significant difference between the two. As explained throughout the article, the ghost mannequin effect is a post-production photography technique that separates the product from the mannequin or dummy doll. Its purpose is to showcase accessories or clothing products in e-commerce channels. On the other hand, a model is a person who showcases fashion, whether it be through photography or real-life fashion shows.

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