Types Of Body Photo Editing And Why It’s Important

Types Of Body Photo Editing And Why It's Important

If you’re wondering how to achieve compelling product photography, impressive body photography can be the solution you’re looking for! Of course, this involves a specific post-production technique known as body photo editing. Let’s delve deeper into this particular photo editing service to gain further knowledge!

What Body Photo Editing Technique Really Is

The editing process of this style refers to the approaches and techniques used to alter a body photograph. While a body photograph typically represents the subject’s entire body from head to toe, it can also focus on specific body parts. This allows you to make modifications to the body parts you are concerned about.

Some actions that can be considered in body editing include adjusting the contour of the subject’s face and creating a slimmer body line. In short, it enables you to address minor ‘flaws’ in the body photograph.

Whether we like it or not, this type of photo editing is popular in the fashion, fitness, and beauty industries worldwide. The reason behind its popularity is that brands aim to present their products in the best possible way and have a significant impact on their potential and existing consumers.

What Value Does Body Photo Editing Provide for Clients?

Explicitly, there is an ongoing debate and controversy surrounding the retouching process. Nevertheless, this dedicated editing and retouching process provides value to the related industries. It is important to remember that moderation, responsibility, and ethical considerations should be upheld to avoid promoting toxicity and unrealistic beauty standards.

1. Promoting Acceptance of Your Body Condition

Reshaping the body through photography and enhancing physical features can provide individuals with a visual representation of the potential results of changes or modifications. It can serve as a way for them to visualize positive efforts they could make toward achieving their desired body condition.

On the other hand, the image also allows them to evaluate their current condition and consider improvements by measuring all necessary aspects. Therefore, it encourages self-acceptance without promoting toxic positivity.

2. Help in Creating Imagery for A Personalization

A new style would certainly be challenging. However, with the option to get a more realistic preview of the desired style change, you can have a better idea of how it will suit you.

For instance, you can visualize how your body would appear with extra muscle tone or a tan. By having a digital preview of the personalization, you can then make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the change or hold off on it.

Typical Sets of Body Photo Editing Services

These are typical sets of body picture editing you may be interested in trying.

1. On-Body Manipulations

The on-body manipulation talks about the editing and retouching process for the model. There are several types of on-body manipulation such as :

a. Body Slimming

This type of editing allows body photo editors to slim down specific parts of the subject’s or client’s body. For example, it can involve slimming down the arms and legs or making the stomach appear flatter.

b. Change Body Shape

It involves removing fatty tissues, enhancing the muscle definition (such as the biceps or triceps), and creating the appearance of a more developed upper body.

c. Personalization of The Subject’s Body

This means you can add or modify your looks according to a new taste you personalize for your personal branding.

d. Height, Skintone, and Face Retouching

Have you ever imagined what you would look like with longer legs and a taller height? Or perhaps wondered if a brighter or darker skin tone would suit you? Maybe you’re curious to see how you would appear with a wider forehead. A body photo editor can assist you in visualizing these changes on your virtual body shot!

e. Cropping

Photo retouchers also can do the cropping during model photo editing to simplify the retouching process by the client’s objectives.

2. On-Body Photo Retouching for On-Body Product Photos

When you have product photography that involves a model instead of a mannequin, the retouchers or editors can do several types of body photo editing such as:

a. Improvement and Refinement

There may be interruptions in the details, such as dust or unwanted holes in the garment or product you capture. Undesirable objects may also become stuck in the clothes. It is essential to improve and refine those tiny details, as they are indispensable for a polished result.

b. Turning Down Creases

Product styling and presentation are crucial when it comes to product photos. However, along the way, you may encounter creases or wrinkles in the garment that are unavoidable. In such cases, it is necessary to address and remove those undesirable details through editing.

c. Ghost-model

You can ask the photo retoucher to do the ghost-model or ghost-mannequin editing process to make your product photo look cleaner and more professional.

d. Shape, Symmetry, and Details

There could be distracting contours that are visible, like the inside pocket or even undergarments. Additionally, editing the traces of uneven or asymmetrical folds and adjusting the height and weight of pants, sleeves, and hems are essential for achieving a smoother and more appealing product photo.

Is Body Photo Editing Time-Consuming?

It depends on the object and the number of objects or areas that require retouching, as well as the skills of the editors or retouchers involved.

Entrusting the body editing process to professionals like Dropicts, who offer comprehensive photo retouching services, will help you save time. You can try their free trial for the editing and retouching services, allowing you to assess the quality before finalizing the deal!


  • What is body photography?

The term was initially coined in the medical industry, referring to a technique used to capture pictures or images from various defined poses to create a comprehensive body picture for medical diagnosis. However, the definition of body photography has evolved, and it has become a distinct genre in the photography industry.

The term now refers to photographs that capture and express the natural charm, traits, marks, or characteristics of the subject’s entire body, from head to toe. Often, creativity and a specific mood are also conveyed in these photographs.

  • How do you tell if a body is edited?

The Make Use Of has compiled some effective methods you can use to detect a manipulated image. First, try zooming in on the picture and look for any distortions in the perspective. Second, carefully examine the shadows. Additionally, check for any remnants of deleted objects or signs of cloning in the picture.

  • Is there a free body editing app?

There are three best apps to do body photo editing in the market such as PrettyUp, PhotoDirector, and YouCam Perfect.

  • What photo editor changes body shape?

There are numerous app options available to edit the body shape in pictures. These apps offer their services for both paid and free utilization, catering to Android and iOS users. Some of them are specifically recommended for altering body shapes, such as BodyTune and BodyApp.

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